Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Balfor - 2017 - Black Serpent Rising (Bandcamp)

Balfor plays black & barbaric death metal band from Kiev, Ukraine. Black Serpent Rising is their sophomore LP.

Dark Rites - 2017 - Hall Of The Slain (Music Video)

Dark Rites is a three piece melodic death metal band with international membership. Hall Of The Slain is taken from Dark Rites self titled debut LP available from Sliptrick Records.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Fankaz - 2017 - Broken City (Music Video)

Fankaz is a four piece melodic hard core band from Ferrara, Italy. Broken City is taken from their latest LP Seities.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Segrëgates - 2017 - Burstön (LP)

Segrëgates is a three piece garage punk band from York, UK. Burstön is their debut LP. Segrëgates play a punked up brand of garage rock with a heavy dose of Motörhead worship. Segrëgates start with an aggressive punked up brand of garage rock and hammer out riffs that bring to mind both Motörhead and more general punk rock. The singer has a suitably melodic, gravely voice that bring's Lemmy to mind while still being suitably unique.

From the opening blast of the self-titled song to the final wailing chaos of Riding With The Driver Segrëgates do an excellent job of melding their hard rocking garage sound with the punked up metal sound Motörhead defined. Step Aside has a heavy, danceable groove while No Regrets and Turn It Loose are anthems to memories lost at the pub. Other highlights include Segrëgates, Roll N Roll, and Traitor Collaborator. With Burstön Segrëgates have crafted an hard rocking, Motörhead worshipping, danceable debut. 

John McBain - 2017 - First Earth Battalion (Music Video)

John McBain is an American guitar player who has played with Monster Magnet, Hater, The Desert Sessions, The Queens Of The Stone Age and The Wellwater Conspiracy. First Earth Battalion is from his latest solo LP of experimental psychedelia Accidental Soundtracks Vol. 1: The Alpha Particle available from Vacant Stare Records.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Habitual Sins - 2016 - I Pray For You (Music Video)

Habitual Sins is a heavy metal band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I Pray For You is taken from their debut LP Personal Demons available from Pure Steel Records.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

While She Sleeps - 2017 - You Are We (Music Video)

While She Sleeps is a five piece metalcore band from Sheffield, England. You Are We is the title track of their third LP available from Nuclear Blast.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Seminary - 2017 - Automnymous (LP)

Seminary is a one man grindcore band from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Automnymous is his latest LP. Seminary play grindcore with a technical metal edge. For the most part this straight ahead grindcore, fast to the point of obscenity, unintelligible screeched vocals and covered in distortion.

Every so often a hint of metal shines through, songs like Depth Of Shade and Parabolic Chains take a step out of the chaos towards intelligible riffing. There isn't much else to say here, if you like grindcore you will enjoy this. Highlights include Surfeit, Famile, Cur Eternal and the aforementioned Parabolic Chains & Depth Of Shade. If you're looking for some chaos with a metal edge Seminary's Automnymous will serve well. 

We Blame The Empire - 2017 - Broken Home (Music Video)

We Blame The Empire is a five piece metalcore band from Austria. Broken Home is taken from their latest LP These Waves Won't Take Me, in support of The Sea Shepherd conservation group.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Wound - 2016 - Morbid Paradigm (Music Video)

Wound is a four piece death metal band from Wiesbaden, Germany. Morbid Paradigm is taken from their sophomore LP Engrained available from FDA Records.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Pulse - 2017 - Aberration (LP)

Pulse is a deathcore band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Aberration is their debut EP recorded at the House Of Gain Studio. Pulse play an atmospheric brand of deathcore, giving the songs space to breathe and expand and fill your consciousness. Transparency takes it's time opening up the album, filling the space with post-rock guitars and burying the growled vocals back in the mix before things kick into hyperdrive.

 Burning Decades continues the high energy riff fest and Oculus strips away any fat leaving a lean, mean head banging anthem. Deity and Aberration close out the album bringing in more atmosphere to dilute the heaviness. This isn't the most consistent EP ever but it is a definite statement of intent, laying the groundwork for where Pulse might go next. If you're looking for some deathcore that knows how to let the songs breathe Pulse's Aberration will serve well.

Stromzaun - 2017 - Dort Im Nirgendwo (Music Video)

Stromzaun is a four piece melodic punk band from Beckingen, Germany. Dort Im Nirgendo is the title track of their latest LP.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Beheaded - 2017 - Beast Incarnate (Bandcamp)

Beheaded is a technical death metal band from Malta. Beast Incarnate is their sixth LP available from Unique Leader Records

Enemy Remains - 2016 - No Faith In Humanity (Music Video)

Enemy Remains is a groove metal/hard rock band from Newington, Connecticut. No Faith In Humanity is the title track to their sophomore LP following up 2012's Two Faces Two Minds.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Sweeping Death - 2017 - Astoria (Bandcamp)

Sweeping Death is a five piece progressive, thrash metal band from Wildsteig, Germany. Astoria is their latest LP.

Holycide - 2017 - Annihilate...Then Ask! (LP)

Holycide is a five piece thrash metal band from Madrid, Spain. Annihilate...Then Ask! is their debut LP courtesy of Xtreem Music. Members of Holycide have also played in Inntrance, Avulsed, Violent Eve & Dark Moor. From the opening moments of Afterworld Remants to the final thrashing moments of Back And Forth Holycide never let up for a moment. This is how I like my thrash metal, with a heavy dosing of speed metal to up the energy level even more.

Dave Rotten puts his gruff growl to great use while the dual guitars spew riffs and solo's in every direction. They cite Slayer and Testament among others as inspiration and do an excellent job of living up to those influences. Highlights include Eager To Take Control, Motorhead, Bonebreaker, Deserve To Be Erased and the title track. If you're looking for some speed infused thrash to bang your head to Holycide's Annihilate...Then Ask! will serve well. 

Aviana - 2017 - Solar (Music Video)

Aviana is a five piece metalcore band from Gothenburg, Sweden. Solar is taken from their debut LP Polarize.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Dioxide Angel - 2017 - The Bitter Taste (LP)

Dioxide Angel is a industrial hard rock band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Bitter Taste is their latest LP. Dioxide Angel started in late 2015, evolving into a full band with the addition of a guitarist and vocalist. Don voz Oxide started with synth based, industrial hard rock tracks, lots of screaming synths and programmed drums going as hard as they can, reminding me of a more danceable Psyclon Nine. From there they add ex-Scum Runners guitar player Zack Hard on backing vocals and filling out the hard rock sound. With the addition of Nekawa (Juice) Evals and his eclectic vocal delivery you have the ingredients necessary for Dioxide Angel.

At their best Dioxide Angel provide hard hitting, hard rocking, danceable songs. Songs like Coke Whore and Noizemaker fill every little nook and cranny with sound while Evals delivers his vocals, ranging from menacing to jubilant and back again.  Other highlights include Victory Dance, Getting Away With Murder and Technophobia. If you're looking for some industrial rock that is both heavy and danceable Dioxide Angel's The Bitter Taste will work well.  

Kid Colling Cartel - 2016 - My Evil Side (Music Video)

Kid Colling Cartel is a blues rock band from Luxembourg. My Evil Side is taken from their latest LP In The Devil's Court.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Invisible Mirror - 2016 - Frozen River (Music Video)

Invisible Mirror is a five piece heavy metal band from St. Gallen Switzerland. Frozen River is taken from their latest LP On The Edge Of Tomorrow available from Wormhole Death.

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Culminated - 2017 - Ajna (EP)

Culminated is a four piece deathcore band from Mexico City, Mexico. Ajna is their sophomore release, following up 2012's Cenizas. Culminated play instrumental, technical, progressive deathcore with just a touch of djent citing Animals As Leaders & Meshuggah. With Psychosomatic Culminated come roaring out of the gate, the high energy song is packed to overflowing with riffs and solos.

Infinite is a slight step down, the riffs aren't quite as smooth but L.S.D (Lost Sacred Dimension) brings the energy back up with double bass pedals and melodic riffs while also expanding the sound with synth flourishes in the background. Hybrid Mind is another head banger overstuffed with riffs & solos while Outfinite chugs the ep to a close with more synths. I usually have no patience for instrumental metal, this is a rare EP that successfully commands attention without a lead singer. If you're looking for some djenty, technical & progressive deathcore Culminated's Ajna will serve well.

Ego Kill Talent - 2016 - Still Here (Music Video)

Ego Kill Talent is a three piece rock band from São Paulo, Brazil. Still Here is the title track to their sophomore LP, following up 2015's Sublimated.

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Agonie - 2017 - Culte Funèbre (LP)

Agonie is a two piece black metal band from Quebec, Canada. Culte Funèbre is their debut LP following up 2016's debut EP Dèliverance. Culte Funèbre opens with Noirceur D'Hiver which plays by the black metal rules and lays out the template for what is to come. Lots of blasting drums, slashing guitars and guttural cookie monster demon vocals. The second track Austère brings in the other main element of this LP, the clean guitar lines.

Most of the power of this album comes from the contrast and interplay between the more traditional dark, aggressive black metal atmosphere and the melodic, sorrowful clean guitar lines. The production can be an issue here, the drums feel a little thin & tinny, they don't hit as hard as they can but that's a relatively minor problem. On Culte Funèbre Agonie have crafted a debut LP that walks the line between raw aggression and meditative despair 

Latexx Teens - 2016 - The End (Lyric Video)

Latexx Teens is a five piece industrial hard rock band from Italy. The End is from their third LP Be Wrong.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Wiccans - 2017 - Automaton

Wiccans is a punk rock band from Austin, Texas, USA. Automaton is a track from their forthcoming LP Dull Tools. Get Hype!

Samskaras - 2017 - Asunder (LP)

Samskaras is a two piece death metal band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Asunder is their debut EP, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy) and Marc-Olivier Fréchette at The Grid. It follows two singles from 2014. Samskaras consists of Eric Burnet (Derelict, Unburnt) providing guitars & vocals and Alexandre Dupras (Teramobil, Unhuman) providing drums. From the opening moments of Fuelscape it is clear there has been an upgrade in sound, the production gives these songs a fuller, grander feel.

Samskaras play technical death metal with a progressive flourish. It can be easy for bands that play technical or progressive music to get lost in the technicality, to complicate the music with time changes simply to complicate the music. Samskaras avoid that problem by writing good songs and avoiding cliches, everything is where it should be in the proper amount. Here's where I would list my favourite songs but there's no need when an EP is this consistent. If you're looking for some technical, progressive death metal that isn't purely that, Samskaras' Asunder will serve well. 

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - 2017 - Modern Ruin (Lyric Video)

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes is a punk rock band from England. Frank Carter has also played in Gallows and Pure Love. Modern Ruin is the title track of their sophomore LP, following up 2015's Blossom.

Monday, March 06, 2017

Ad Christi Gloriam - 2017 - Ad Christi Gloriam (LP)

Ad Christi Gloriam is a black metal band from Nova Scotia, Canada. Ad Christi Gloriam is their debut LP. This band starts with a base of cold, old school sounding black metal and builds outwards. They self describe as "happy black metal screamo math rock prog metal hybrid weird fuckin thing" while others describe them as experimental blackgaze or simply avant garde black metal.

The base of the music is the icey guitars slashing through the air, the vocalist who sounds like a torture victim and pounding drums blasting at you that black metal is known for, then expanded with symphonic synths and a few melodic riffs. Ad Christi Gloriam is never satisfied to sit still in one genre or movement, each song has elements of many types of music but it always come back to the ice cold black metal. If you're looking for some experimental, avant-garde black metal Ad Christi Gloriam's Ad Christi Gloriam will serve well. 

Outsiders - 2017 - Out Of Reach (Music Video)

Firewind play power metal. Ode To Leonidas is taken from their eighth LP Immortals.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Ocean Sleeper - 2017 - Six Feet Down (Music Video)

Ocean Sleeper is a metalcore band from Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. Six Feet Down is taken from their self titled, self released debut EP.

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Gothic - 2017 - Disillusion (Lyric Video)

Gothic play technical, melodic & gothic death metal from Lupeni, Romania. Disillusion is taken from their latest LP Demons available from Loud Rage Music.

Friday, March 03, 2017

Evenline - 2017 - Straiitjacket (Music Video)

Evenline is a alt metal/hard rock (Alter Bridge, Papa Roach) band from Paris, France. Straitjacket is from their latest LP Tenebris available from the Dooweet Agency.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Dreamcar - 2017 - Kill For Candy (Lyric Video)

Dreamcar is a power pop/new romantic super group. The band consists of three quarters of No Doubt Tony Kanal, Tom Dumont and Adrian Young and fronted by AFI's Dave Havok

Lanthanum - 2016 - The Darkness (Music Video)

Lanthanum is a post-grunge metal band from Cheyenne, Montana. The Darkness is taken from their debut LP Ascend The Mountain.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Four Star Revival - 2016 - The Underdog (Music Video)

Four Star Revival is a hard rock/heavy metal band from Dayton, Ohio. The Underdog is the title track of their latest ep following up 2014's self titled debut.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Webcam Teenz - 2016 - No Maybe Yeah! (Music Video)

Webcam Teenz is a power pop garage rock band from Muncie, Indiana. This song is taken from their 2015 Fambly Room Demoz.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Morte Lenta - 2017 - Pesadilla (Music Video)

Morte Lenta is a hardcore punk band from Sydney, Australia. Pesadilla is from an upcoming EP. Thanks to iamtheleastmachiavellian for pointing this out.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Naked Lights - 2016 - Hyde (Official Music Video/Live Performance)

Naked Lights is a self described post wave, no punk band from Oakland, California. Hyde, a non album single, was recorded live at The Grassy Null Studio.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Coffin Dragger - 2017 - Desperation (LP)

Coffin Dragger is a hardcore punk band from London, Ontario, Canada. Desperation is their debut EP. Coffin Dragger play a straight ahead brand of metallic hardcore punk garnering comparisons to Dangers, Everything Went Black, Incendiary, and Trenchfoot. The singer has a great desperate shout and the band behind him creates a loud, aggressive, blown out noise.

When Coffin Dragger isn't slamming a riff down your throat they transition into post-hardcore, dragging the riff out only to slam it down even harder once again. Highlights include Desperation, Fake and Worthless. If you're looking for some pissed off, super heavy hardcore punk Coffin Dragger's Desperation will serve well. Thanks to Dead Air At The Pulpit for pointing this out. 

Kastiell - 2016 - Coming Home (Lyric Video)

Kastiell is a melodic post-hardcore band from Perth, Australia. Coming Home features Joey Varela of Varsity, taken from Kastiell's debut Built From Broken.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Aleska - 2016 - De La Cime Au Cimetière (Music Video)

Aleska is a screamo/post-hardcore band from Metz, France. Members have also played in Shall Not Kill, Dead For A Minute and EstebanDe La Cime Au Cimetière is taken from their debut, self titled LP.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Mark Zero - 2016 - Ballistica (LP)

Mark Zero is a metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. Ballistica is their debut LP. Mark Zero play riff focused hard rock & slightly industrial metal with some post-metal thrown in for melody. Right out the gate the production is an issue. Once you've gotten used to how the record sounds you are in for a consistent ride but it takes a minute to get used to how the record sounds.

At their best Mark Zero takes industrial inspired stomping riffs, builds an atmosphere with light piano while their surprisingly melodic singer wails overtop. Highlights include One Against The World, Bleed It Out, Alive and Megamösh. With Ballistica Mark Zero have crafted an interesting but not yet compelling debut.

Hydra - 2016 - Between Two Worlds (Music Video)

Hydra is a symphonic metal band from Bad Abbach, Bavaria, Germany. Between Two Worlds is taken from their sophomore LP Solar Empire available from STF Records.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Seas Of Wake - 2016 - Loners (Music Video)

Seas Of Wake is a progressive metalcore band from Newton, New Jersey. Loners is from their sophomore LP Depth Of Marrow.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Banging On The Pentagram - 2016 - Evil Force (LP)

Evil Force is a thrash metal band from Paraguay. Banging On The Pentagram is their sophomore LP courtesy of Witches Brew, following up 2014's Ancient Spores. This is thrash & speed metal straight out of 1983, from the dual guitars spewing out high speed thrash riffs to the production style this records worships at the feet of thrash metal masters Sacrifice, Razor or more well known legends like Metallica.

Evil Force plays thrash metal for the beer swilling, leather vest wearing metal head that simply wants to bang his head and is unconcerned with production quality or progressive metal. Here is where I would normally list my favourite songs but when a record is this compelling and consistent there is no need. If you're looking for some old school metal to bang your head to Evil Force's Banging On The Pentagram will serve well.

7th Abyss - 2016 - Deaf (Music Video)

7th Abyss is a melodic death metal/metalcore band from Germany. Deaf is taken from Unvoiced, their debut LP available from Trollzorn Records.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Sharks In Your Mouth - 2016 - Insanity (Music Video)

Sharks In Your Mouth is a nu metal/metalcore band from Ancona, Italy. Insanity is from their debut LP Promises available from SG Records.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Weird Al Yankovic - 1981 - Pac Man

"This was recorded in a garage on a 4-track cassette Portastudio way back in 1981, after "My Bologna" and "Another One Rides the Bus" but before I had landed a real record deal. Now the song is finally getting a proper release as a track on the rarities disc in my upcoming box set, with the permission and blessing of the George Harrison estate (Thanks, Dhani & Olivia!). "Squeeze Box: The Complete Works of 'Weird Al' Yankovic" is coming out in November, but it's a VERY limited release... so if you really want one, make sure you pre-order by Feb. 28!"

Hands Of Despair - 2016 - Veil (Music Video)

Hands Of Despair is a progressive death & black metal band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Veil is taken from their sophomore LP, Bereft, available from Deathbound Records.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Incubus - 2017 - Nimble Bastard

Check out Incubus' first new material since 2011. Catchy slab of modern rock aimed straight at the radio.

Bree - 2016 - Damn, I'm Being Me Again (Music Video)

Bree is a three piece rock band from Oregon, fronted by the eponymous singer & guitar player. Damn, I'm Being Me Again is from Bree's 2016 LP New Skin, available on Werewolf Tunes.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

From Sorrow To Serenity - Illusive (Music Video)

From Sorrow To Serenity plays groovy, somewhat technical & progressive brand of deathcore from Glasgow, Scotland. Illusive is from their debut LP Remnant of Humanity.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Cruel Hand - 2016 - Dead Eyes Watching (Music Video)

Cruel Hand is a hardcore punk band from Portland, Maine. Dead Eyes Watching is taken from their new LP Your World Won't Listen available from Hopeless Records.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Deluminator - 2016 - Built To Kill (Music Video)

Deluminator is a metalcore band from Dresden, Germany. Built To Kill is the title track of their debut LP.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Einherjer - 2016 - Dragons Of The North (Music Video)

Einherjer is a viking metal band from Norway. Dragons Of The North is the title track of their seventh LP in their over 20 year career.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Veislakt - 2016 - HjerteBarn (Music Video)

Veislakt is a punked up metal band from Norway.  HjerteBarn is the second single from their Fumar Mata LP.

Friday, February 10, 2017

The Remnant Waltz - 2016 - Streets Of Yesterday (Official Music Video)

The Remnant Waltz is a blues rock band from Helsinki, Finland. Streets Of Yesterday is taken from their debut self titled LP.

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Creepy Karpis - 2016 - Osiris (Official Music Video)

Creepy Karpis is a weirdo punk rock band from Zwolle, Netherlands. Osiris is a non album single recorded August 18, 2016 at 'De Gym' by Ben Wennekers.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

The Obsessed - 2017 - Razor Wire

The Obsessed are back with their first record in 20+ years!

Voltang - 2016 - Bad Sounds (LP)

Voltang is a hard rock band from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Bad Sounds is their sophomore LP following up 2015's Hermaphrodite. Voltang play a riff heavy brand of hardcore punk unafraid of exploding into post-hardcore on a dime. The opening trio of Electric Boogaloo, Slaughterhouse Of Blues and Lunatic Slick sum up what Voltang does on Bad Sounds. They starts with punked up, raunchy, danceable rock and roll and proceeds to deconstruct and explode those rough and ready pieces.

Electric Boogaloo starts the album off with a bang, the vocalist sounds like a more deranged Neil Fallon of Clutch while the band behind him pummels the riff into the ground.  Slaughterhouse Of Blues continues the high energy rock with a danceable groove while Lunatic Slick takes the aggressive rock and roll and turns it up to 11 through the infusion of post-hardcore, bringing in some clean vocals before deconstructing the song completely. Other highlights include Feelin' Kinda Funny, Accoutremonster and Super Awesome Laser Planet. If you're looking for some filthy, energetic rock & roll to power your evening of debauchery Voltang's Bad Sounds will serve well. 

The Hazytones - 2016 - Living On The Edge (Official Music Video)

The Hazytones are psychedelic, stoner rock band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Living On The Edge is from their debut, self titled LP.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

The Dacios - 2016 - Exactness Of Desire (Music Video)

The Dacios are a punked up rock and roll band from Melbourne, Australia. Exactness Of Desire is taken from their new LP Beyond The Botom Hour courtesy of Homeless Records.

Monday, February 06, 2017

Mechina - 2016 - As Embers Turn To Dust (LP) (Done)

Mechina is a progressive metal band from Chicago, Illinois, America. As Embers Turn To Dust is their seventh LP since forming in 2004 and continues the heavy metal space opera they have been composing. Mechina play thrashy, progressive & symphonic metal with the lyrics picking up the plot from previous albums. Their sound is not complicated, start with some thrashy, djent flavoured guitars, add some piano and compose symphonic epics with multiple textures and atmospheres. The result, Mechina's latest LP, is equally at home scoring a science fiction film as being blasted from the stage.

The songs slide beautifully into each other, clearly picking up where the last left and off and moving the story forward musically if not lyrically. Highlights include Creation Level Event, Division Through Distance, The Synthesia Signal and Godspeed, Vanguards. If you're looking for some epic, thrashy symphonic metal to soundtrack your voyage through the cosmos, Mechina's As Embers Turn To Dust will serve well.

Off The Cross - Book Of Doom (Official Music Video)

Off The Cross is a metal band from Belgium. Book Of Doom is taken from their new LP Divided Kingdom.

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Exmortus - Relentless (Lyric Video)

Exmortus is a thrash metal band from Los Angeles, California, America. Relentless is taken from their latest LP Ride Forth courtesy of Prosthetic Records.

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Digitalife - 2016 - Uroboros (Lyric Video)

Digitalife is a metalcore band from Colombia. Uroboros is the title track of their latest LP.

Friday, February 03, 2017

Car Boys #24 - Nick and Griffin Climb the Tower of Barbs

Car Boys is a YouTube series hosted by Nick Griffin and Griffin McElroy. Together they play BeamNG.Drive, a driving simulator with unique soft body physics that Nick & Griffin use to generate vehicular body horror. They also do a podcast called Cool Games Inc where they improve/ruin video game ideas.

Necro - 2016 - Adiante (LP)

Necro is a three piece psychedelic hard rock band from Maceió, Brazil. Adiante is their LP. Necro play an eclectic brand of psychedelic music bringing in equal parts hard rock, proto & doom metal. They start with a heavy bottom end and then layer riffs and organ fills on top. The The singer, Lillian Lessa, has a versatile voice that is equally at home shouting the point home overtop of some riffs or floating along melodically with the softer jams. The opening salvo of Orbes, Adiante and Azul Profundo lays out where Necro is coming from and going.

Orbes comes galloping out of the gate with a groovy proto-metal riff before launching into the cosmos while the title track brings out the cowbell and slide guitar in service of a southern boogie rock tune with some heavier guitars bringing up the rear and Azul Profundo starts off with an insular shuffle before building with some doom and then tearing it all down with some scat singing and jamming. If you're looking for some 70's influenced psychedelic hard rock Necro's Adialante will serve well.

Cadaveres - 2016 - The Mother Of All Tales (Official Music Video)

Cadaveres is a metalcore band from Hungary. The Mother Of All Tales is taken from their most recent LP The Fifth House.

Thursday, February 02, 2017

PeaceCraft Ep 01

Griffin McElroy is a podcaster, senior editorial video producer for and all 'round hilarious person. He cohosts a comedy advice podcast called My Brother My Brother And Me with his two brothers Justin & Travis, cohosts Rose Buddies about The Bachelor with his wife Rachel as well as DM's a Dungeons & Dragons podcast called The Adventure Zone with his brothers and their father Clint. With Justin he hosts Monster Factory where they manipulate character creation tools to create nightmares.

He also cohosts multiple YouTube shows on Polygon with Nick Robinson, these include  Cool Games Inc (ruining/improving game ideas), Car Boys ( soft body horr) & Touch The Skyrim (Mod skyrim as much as possible). Griffin recently completed a Pokemon Y Nuzlocke Challenge and was inspired to do his latest show for Polygon, PeaceCraft. He is attempting a pacifist run of World Of Warcraft while also imposing Amazing Race like arbitrary rules. Enjoy!

Darknet - 2016 - Sedate Me (Official Music Video)

Darknet is a nu metal band. Their self titled LP is available from Hollowed Records. That is all the information I can find about them.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Hard Charger - 2016 - Bad Omens (LP)

Hard Charger is a three piece hardcore punk band from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Bad Omens is their debut LP. Hard Charger play a no holds barred brand of crusty hardcore punk with some d-beat influences. This is an incredibly consistent record, Hard Charger have found their tone and sound and don't stray from it for almost a half hour blasting through these 12 songs.

They have stripped out all non-essential matter while remaining compelling. The guitar is distorted and fuzzed out to the max and the singer puts his drill sergeant to great use while the rest of the band shouts behind him. Highlights include Brain Suck, Fed Up Nihilist Blues, and Slice By Slice. If you're looking for some crusty hardcore punk to rock your brain into submission Hard Charger's Bad Omens will serve well. 

Broker - 2016 - The Grass Is Always Greener In Kreuzberg (Official Music Video)

Broker is a mathy, post-hardcore band from England. The Grass Is Always Greener is taken from their sophomore LP Quixota.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Cypher Machine - 2016 - Flip The Switch (Official Music Video)

Cypher Machine is a metal band from Clearwater, Florida. Flick The Switch is from their debut self titled lp available on spotify.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Witchunter - 2016 - Back On The Hunt (LP)

Witchunter is a five piece metal band from Martinsicuro, Italy. Back On The Hunt is their sophomore LP since forming in 2007. Witchunter play a thrashy brand of metal with obvious debts to the to torch carriers of years past. Take one part thrash metal, one part NWOBHM and one part modern metal production and you have Witchunter.

There's no reinventing the wheel here, just two guitarists spitting out thrashy riffs and solos. The singer's voice works well in the upper ranges providing more contrast to the deep, rumbling drums. Highlights include Hounds Of Rock, Losing Control, Lucifer's Blade and a cover of Led Zeppelin's Achilles Last Stand. If you're looking for some thrashy metal to bang your head to Witchunter's Back On The Hunt will serve well. 

Dario Mollo's Crossbone - 2016 - Rock The Cradle (Official Music Video)

Dario Mollo is an Italian musican best known for his work with Tony Martin (Black Sabbath) and Voodoo Hill (with Deep Purple's Glenn Hughes. Rock The Cradle is the title track from Crossbones' sophomore, self titled LP.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Nash B.C. - 2016 - Burning Babylon (Lyric Video)

Nash B.C. is a hard rock band from Thessaloniki, Greece. Burning Babylon is the title track from their debut LP released by Rockshots Records.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Circle Of Dust - 2016 - Contagion (Music Video)

Circle Of Dust is an industrial metal band from New York City. Contagion is taken from Machines Of Disgrace, the first Circle Of Dust album in nearly 20 years.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Polarity - 2016 - Action Potential (LP)

Polarity is a five piece progressive metal band from Toronto, Ontario Canada. Action Potential is their debut LP since forming in 2006. Polarity play a mix of alt and progressive metal with a female lead singer, citing Deftones, A Perfect Circle and Chevelle. Rotator leads the LP off with a mid-tempo, brooding epic with melodic vocals from Jasmine and a stop start chorus while Autonomy's Conquest & Skeptic bring the alt metal riffs and Jasmine showing off her versatile voice.

This is a very consistent album, Polarity move through a variety of textures and tempos while still maintaining their core sound. Highlights include the aforementioned Rotator, Autonomy's Conquest, Skeptic Lights Estrangement, The Fight, The Great Escape and Tumbleweed. With Action Potential Polarity have crafted a melodic debut with one foot in progressive metal and the other in alt. metal.

Naberus - 2016 - Drones (Music Video)

Naberus is a metal band from Melbourne, Australia. They find themselves at the crossroads of thrash metal and more melodic metalcore. Drone is taken from their debut LP The Lost Reveries courtesy of Eclipse Records.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Wretched End - 2016 - Primordial Freedom (Music Video)

The Wretched End is a blackened death metal band from Norway. Primordial Freedom is taken from their third LP In These Woods, From These Mountains.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Tóxica - 2016 - Ahogados En Contaminacion (LP)

Tóxica is an Argentinian thrash metal band. Ahagados En Contaminacion is their debut LP courtesy of Witches Brew. Citing thrash forefathers Exodus, Testament and Slayer these beer swilling metalheads churn out riff after crushing riff. The singer has a solid voice that is put to good use as a drill sergeant. Equal parts thrash, speed and crossover thrash this record is stuffed to overflowing with heavy riffs that demand headbanging.

There is no subtlety here, from the word go the riffs are fast and heavy and aimed directly at your head, the dual guitars hammer the riffs home while the solos wail and scream like souls condemned. While Tóxica isn't breaking any new ground here they have staked their claim as a speed and thrash metal band to watch. If you're searching for some new thrash metal Tóxica's Ahagados En Contaminacion will serve well.

It's Always Sunny In Tijuana - 2016 - Starved (Music Video)

It's Always Sunny In Tijuana is a deathcore band from Denver, Colorado. Starved is the lead single and first track from their new LP Demonia.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Rob 306 - 2016 - Robbie (Official Music Video)

Rob 306 is a five piece hard rock band from Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. Robbie is a single from their new LP @9Ave.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Thunder And Lightning - 2016 - The Ages Will Turn (LP)

Thunder And Lightning is a heavy metal band from Berlin, Germany. The Ages Will Turn is their fifth LP since forming in 2004. featuring guests spots from Máté Bodor from Alestorm and Der Schulz from Unzucht. Thunder And Lightning play a thrashy brand of speed metal with hints of power and traditional heavy metal citing Iron Maiden, Iced Earth and Blind Guardian. They manage to be progressive without being pretentious. The guitars have that classic power & speed metal sound nailed, filling it out with buckets of riffs and varying rhythms to keep things interesting.

The singer has a voice suited to power metal, more than capable of that required arena filling, epic sound but is also able to bring it down to a more aggressive thrashy shout when needed. Just when you think you've nailed down where Thunder And Lightning are going, the next song brings in completely different influences and the head banging continues. Highlights include The Ravaging Overture, Welcome To The Darkside, Black Eyed Child, Eternally Awake, One Blood and Hysteria. If you're looking for a band that effortlessly blends traditional, power, speed and thrash into a tasty metal concoction Thunder And Lightning's The Ages Will Turn will serve well.

Bone Jack - 2016 - The Breeze (Audio Stream)

Bone Jack is a southern hard rock band from Queensland, Australia. The Breeze is the first single from the 2016 LP The Fallen.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Starkill - 2016 - Shadow Sleep (Lyric Video)

Starkill is a power & symphonic melodic death metal band from Chicago, Illinois signed to Prosthetic Records. Shadow Sleep is taken from their new, self titled LP.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Save Your Last Breath - 2016 - Exitium (Official Music Video)

Save Your Last Breath is a metal band from Zurich, Sweden. They find themselves at the crossroads of melodic death and deathcore.

Friday, January 20, 2017

DMX - Bain Is Back (Produced By Swizz Beatz)

Call Of Cthulu - Depths of Madness

Lesbian Bed Death - 2016 - Evil Never Dies (Music Video)

Lesbian Bed Death is a hard rock band from the UK. Evil Never Dies is the title track from the new LP, first to feature new lead singer Sienna Venom.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Royce 5'9" - 2017 - I Got The Keys (Freestyle)

Royce Da 5'9'' is a rapper and producer. He performs with Eminem as Bad Meets Evil, with Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz and Crooked I as Slaughterhouse and as PRhyme with DJ Premier.

Kold Creature - 2016 - Edge Of Gravity (Video)

Kold Creature is a groove metal band from Brisbane, Australia. Edge Of Gravity is taken from their debut LP A Weakened State.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Stick Men - 2016 - The Tempest

Stick Men is a progressive & experimental rock band from New York City. The Tempest is taken from their new LP Prog Noir.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Blue Hour Ghosts - 2016 - Dreadful Faces and Fiery Arms (Video)

Blue Hour Ghosts is a melodic metal band from Italy. Dreadful Faces and Fiery Arms is taken from their self titled debut LP.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Gespenst - 2016 - Forfald (Video)

Gespenst is a black metal band from Denmark. Forfald is taken from their new release Sorgens Taage.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

A Call For Revenge - 2016 - Mi Juramento (Lyric Video)

A Call For Revenge is a djent & hardcore influenced death metal band from Mexico City, Mexico. Mi Juramento featuring Ivan Valdez of Rot is taken from their latest LP Face Judgement.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Aeternitas - 2016 - Madeline (Lyric Video)

Aeternitas is a gothic, symphonic metal band from Germany. Madeline is taken from their fourth LP House Of Usher.

Sedition Sunday #7: Deborah Sampson

Deborah Sampson was born December 17, 1760, died April 29, 1827. She disguised herself as a woman in order to fight in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. One of few women documented to have done so she served with distinction earning at least one promotion and when her gender was discovered she was allowed to keep her pension she had earned fighting in the Revolutionary War. More in depth biographical coverage in Episode #82 of The Dollop.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Fiel Mortandad - 2016 - Angel Luciferi (LP)

Fiel Mortandad is a death metal band from Chihuahua City, Chihuahua, Mexico. Angel Luciferi is their latest LP. Fiel Mortandad play a melodic brand of death metal citing Carcass, Cradle Of Filth and King Diamond. They are equally at home slamming riffs down your throat, pulling back and letting the melody take over or wallowing in thundering sludge. The singer has an excellent raspy, blackened shout with a surprising amount of vocal nuance.

There are riffs galore backed by a thunderous rhythm section and driven to even more epic heights by synths in the background. Songs like Codex Gigas and Posesión De Belial are as driven by demonic vocals as they are dual melodic riffs while Amon Ra and El Exorcista split their time between wallowing in the sludge and in your face aggressive riffing and soloing. With Angel Luciferi, Fiel Mortandad have crafted a solid, aggressive statement of melodic death metal.

Black Therapy - 2016 - In The Embrace Of Sorrow, I Smile (Video)

Black Therapy is an Italian melodic death metal band. In The Embrace Of Sorrow, I Smile is the title track from their sophomore LP.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Aztec - 2016 - Metropolis (Video)

Aztec is a progressive metal band from Nanaimo, British Colombia. Canada. Metropolis is the debut single from the new LP, Eidolon.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

AM:PM - 2016 - Amazing Mega Party Motherfucker (LP)

AM:PM is a five piece death metal band from Vevey, Switzerland. Amazing Mega Party Motherfucker is their debut LP since forming in 2012. AM:PM play a groove heavy brand of death metal pulling equally from deathcore and the more melodic brands of death metal. Waste of space intro Before aside, Doomed bursts out of the gates at full speed laying out what is ahead for the rest of this LP. The guitars alternate between straight ahead crushing rhythm and spewing out thrashy melodic riffs while the singer puts his growl to great use.

When everything is firing on all cylinders like they are supposed to these are groovy, thrashy and sometimes a little technical death metal songs to bang your head to. AM:PM aren't breaking any new ground here but judging by the album art and the energy of these songs they are having a great time doing it. Highlights include Dictatorship Of Fear, Wolf, 4-20, Rugged Road and the aforementioned Doomed. With Amazing Mega Party Motherfucker AM:PM have created an interesting debut which leaves me interested in where they are heading next.

A World Extinct - 2016 - Uprooted (Video)

A World Extinct is a metalcore band from Los Angelese, California. Uprooted is the title track of their debut LP.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

DFXX - 2016 - Hungry To Be Angry (video)

DFXX is a garage rock and roll band from Luxembourg. Hungry to Be Angry is a single from Drivin' Me Bad, their debut LP

Monday, January 09, 2017

Sound Storm - 2016 - The Dragonfly (Video)

Sound Storm is an Italian symphonic power metal band. The Dragonfly is a single from their new LP Vertigo.

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Hacktivist - 2016 - Buszy (Video)

Hacktivist is a British rap metal band. Buszy is a single from their debut LP Outside The Box.

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Sedition Sunday #6: Assata Shakur

Assata Shakur is a revolutionary, former member of the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army. Escaping from prison post conviction she has lived in exile in Cuba for the past 30 years. Read about her experiences in her own words in Assata: An Autobiography written in 1987 in Cuba.

hollowtechnic - 2016 - The Loose Change (Video)

hollowtechnic is an experimental industrial alternative metal & hard rock one man band from Britain. The Loose Change is the title track from his latest LP.

Friday, January 06, 2017

Down And Outlaws - 2016 - Above Snakes (LP)

Down and Outlaws is a four piece rock and roll band from San Francisco. Formed in 2012, Above Snakes is their debut LP. Down And Outlaws play dirty, rootsy rock and roll that calls to mind Black Rebel Motorcycle, Jack White and early Black Keys. Down And Outlaws are at their best with the rhythm section churning underneath, the guitars churn out riffs backing off to allow the vocals to come to the front before slamming back in again.

 This is rock and roll designed for a hot summer night, sounds best when played at high volumes in a convertible speeding down the highway. I Don't Care (I Don't Care) kicks things into high gear with melodic leads while Fever is a straight ahead driving rock song and Don't Call My Name summons the ghost of blues rock past. Other highlights include Obsession, Backwards From The Dead, Gone, and Roll That Stone. With Above Snakes Down And Outlaws have staked their claim to this section of rock and roll territory.

Merge - 2016 - Ineffable (stream)

Merge is a post-rock band from Paris, France. Ineffable is the title track from their latest release.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Cloak & Dagger - 2016 - Balance (video stream)

Cloak & Dagger is a metalcore band from Perth, Australia. Balance is the title track from their latest EP.

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Steel Inferno - 2016 - Aesthetics Of Decay (LP)

Steel Inferno is a five piece metal band from Copenhagen, Denmark. Aesthetics Of Decay is their new LP. Steel Inferno play a combination of speed and thrash and the old school New Wave of British Heavy Metals. This female fronted metal band isn't breaking any new ground but they can riff and scream along with the best of em. The dual guitars are as much as a highlight as Karen's voice, they spit out riffs while keeping up with the galloping rhythm section.

Karen puts her authoritative shout to great use, aggressive enough to keep up with the dual guitars but also melodic enough to propel the songs even higher. Highlights include City Lights, Infernal Steel Brigade, To End All Wars, Defender Of The Old Way and the title track. If you have a speed or thrash metal itch that needs to be scratched, Steel Inferno's Aesthetics Of Decay will serve well.

Teramobil - 2016 - Magnitude Of Thoughts (Video)

Teramobil is a technical death metal band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Magnitude Of Thoughts is the title track and single of their new LP.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Violent Magic Orchestra - 2016 - Divorcer (Video)

Violent Magic Orchestra is an industrial experimental black metal band signed to Throatruiner Records. Divorcer is from their debut LP Catastrophic Anonymous with guest vocals from Attila Csihar (Sunn o))), Mayhem).

Monday, January 02, 2017

Pikes Edge - 2016 - All Of Our Beauty (LP)

Pikes Edge is a five piece metal band from Munich, Germany. All Of Our Beauty is their sophomore LP follow up to 2012's Nameless. The overwhelming direction is towards pummelling death metal but there are also strong tendencies towards more modern metal and metalcore, Pikes Edge cite As I Lay Dying, Iron Maiden and In Flames as influences. When everything is hitting the way it should the dual guitars spit out melodic riffs overtop of a pummelling rhythm section while the singer alternates between high powered melody and aggressive shouting.

Faded Shadow bursts out with a spiraling riff that pulls back to build atmosphere before exploding again while Tides Of Time takes a mid-tempo metal stomper, outfits the dual guitars with riffs and rides the groove into the ground and Just Go To Hell grabs you from the neck from the opening seconds, loosening up melodically for a moment only to crash back into the riff laden groove. Other highlights include Denial Of Service, Blind Side Of You and Hypocrite. With All Of Our Beauty Pikes Edge have created a solid statement of modern melodic death metal.

Clique - 2016 - Wishful Thinking (Video)

Clique is an emo indie rock band from Philadelphia signed to Topshelf Records. Wishful Thinking is from their latest release, Burden Piece.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Ivan Ivankovic - 2016 - World In Fear (Video)

Ivan Ivankovic plays power metal from Croatia. World In Fear is the second single from and title track to his latest release.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Crest Of Darkness - 2016 - Welcome The Dead

Crest Of Darkness is a blackened death metal band from Norway signed to My Kingdom Music. Welcome The Dead is the title track from their fifth LP.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Humavoid - 2016 - Coma Horizon (Video)

Humavoid is a thrashy, progressive symphonic metal band from Finland. Coma Horizon is their latest single.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Winterhearth - 2016 - What Lurks In Dark Forests (Video)

Winterhearth is a blackened thrash metal band from St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada. What Lurks In Dark Forest is from their sophomore LP Resettlement.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Add1ction - 2016 - Nothing Left To Lose (Video)

Add1ction is a four piece nu-metal band from Brownsville, Texas. Nothing Left To Lose is from their debut EP Add1ction Nation.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Nick Johnston - 2016 - Remarkably Human (Video)

Nick Johnston is a guitar wizard. His new LP of instrumental guitar rock features veterans of Porcupine Tree, King Crimson, the Aristocrats, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Plini. Embedded is the title track from the new LP.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Aeon Of Corruption - 2016 - Unholy (VIdeo)

Aeon Of Corruption is a deathcore band from Giessen, Germany. Unholy is the title track from their latest EP

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Devanation - 2016 - Suffering Bay (video)

Devanation is a metalcore band. Dominion Of Oblivion is their new LP.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Fort Hope - 2016 - Say No (video)

Fort Hope is a melodic post-hardcore band from  Hertfordshire, England. Say No is their new single.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Megatherium - 2016 - Fly High (video)

Megatherium is a four piece stoner doom band from Italy. Superbeast is their debut LP.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Nine Inch Nails - 2016 - Burning Bright (Field On Fire) (video)

Nothgard - 2016 - Shadow Play (video)

Nothgard is an epic melodic death metal band from Bavaria. Shadow Play is from their The Sinner's Sake, their third LP.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Oceans Of Slumber - 2016 - Sunlight (video)

Oceans Of Slumber is a progressive metal band from Houston, Texas. Sunlight is from Winter, their second LP courtesy of Century Media Records.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

One If By Land - 2016 - True Blue, Through, And Everything About You (video)

One If By Land is an indie rock band from Meadville, Pennsylvania, America. Members have also played in The Twirpentines, Signal Home, The Walnut Street Project, The Caddies, and Waiting for Never. Nobody Wants To Leave is their sophomore LP.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Darmage - 2016 - El Gran Titán (video)

Darmage is a crossover thrash & groove metal band from Zaragoza, Spain. The below video is the title track for their sophomore LP.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Beasto Blanco - Feed My Frankenstein (video)

Beasto Blanco is a five piece hard rock band featuring Chuck Garrick of Alice Cooper. Embedded is them putting a modern spin on some classic Cooper.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

My Darkest Hate - 2016 - You Shall Know Them (video)

My Darkest Hate is a death metal band from Germany. You Shall Know Them is taken from their fifth LP Anger Temple

Friday, December 16, 2016

Herman Frank - 2016 - Ballhog Zone (video)

Herman Frank is a german guitarist best known for playing with Accept, Victory, Hazzard, Sinner, Moon'Doc, Saeko, Thomsen and Poison Sun. His new Solo LP The Devil Rides out Rick Altzi (Masterplan, At Vance), Andre Hilgers (Rage) and Michael Müller (Jaded Heart) on bass.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Madlib & Doom - 2016 - Avalance

Devast -2016 - Chaotic Proliferation (video)

Devast is a four piece brutal, technical death metal band from Argentina. Apocalyptic Human Extinction is their third LP.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Bloodclot - 2016 - Up In Arms (Lyric Video)

Bloodclot is a new hardcore punk supergroup consisting John Joseph (Cro-Mags) on vocals, Todd Youth (Danzig) on guitar, Nick Oliveri (Queens Of The Stone Age, Dwarves, Mondo Generator) on bass and Joey Castillo on drums.

Half Sight - 2016 - The Greater Good (video)

Half Sight, formerly known as Atlas is a melodic hardcore band from Leeds, UK. The below video is from their debut LP Rhetoric courtesy of Dreambound Music.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Healer - Voices (video)

Healer is a melodic hardcore band from Bristol, UK. Embedded below is the title track from their debut EP Heal Me, I'm Hopeful.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Holding Absence - 2016 - Dream Of Me (video)

Holding Absence is an ambient post-hardcore emo band from Cardiff, UK.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

FAM - 2016 - VI (video)

F.A.M. (Furor Arma Ministrat) is a death metal & grindcore band from Poland. Below is a track from their sophomore LP Human Cargo.

Friday, December 09, 2016

Lock Up - 2016 - Mindfight

Lock Up is a death metal grindcore supergroup made up of Shane Embury (Napalm Death, Bent Sea), Nick Barker (Dimmu Borgir, Catalepsy) Anton Reisenegger (Inner Sanctvm) and Kevin Sharp (Brutal Truth, Venomous Concept)

Hammer King - 2016 - King Is Rising (video)

Hammer King is a power metal band. Below is the title track from their sophomore LP.

Thursday, December 08, 2016

At The Drive-In - 2016 - Governed By Contagions

At The Drive-In is a post-hardcore band from El Paso. In 2016 they reunited for a second time, with Jim Ward being replaced by Sparta's Keeley Davis. Get Hype?

Morthifera - 2016 - Basurero Humano

Morthifera is a five piece thrash metal band from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Basurero Humano is their debut LP. Members also play in Malicia and Diebrator, describing them as more progressive and more melodic respectively.  There is very little fat and a real feeling of urgency in these songs. Even when Morthifera pulls back for a moment to allow some more melody to shine through the rhythm section is still churning away underneath. 

The riffs are aggressive and agile while the singer spits his lyrics with inspired venom. That feeling of speed is only accented with the judicious use of gang vocals. Highlights include Caos, Agonizante Cura Pederasta, Inyectando Thrash, Castigado and Régimen De Sangre. With Basurero Humano Morthifera have crafted a rock solid, riff heavy thrash metal statement.

Husbandry - 2016 - Nature Vs Nurture (video)

Husbandry is a four piece post-hardcore band from New York City. Nature Versus Nurture is their debut LP courtesy of Aqualamb Records.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Nervosa - 2016 - Agony

Nervosa is a three piece thrash metal band from São Paulo, Brazil. Agony is their sophomore LP. Nervosa was formed in 2010 by Fernanda Lira, Prika Amarel and Pitchu Ferraz, they signed to Napalm Records in 2012. They play an aggressive, gutsy no punches pulled brand of thrash metal with some death and speed metal elements. The singer has an excellent, raspy shout that sounds like she's simultaneously summoning demons and fighting back monstrous hordes while the rest of the band beats you into submission with their thick, muscular riffs.

From the opening blasts of Arrogance through the final stomps of Devastation Nervosa never let up. Occasionally things get slightly less heavy but that's only to let a riff dominate before speeding back up. Highlights include Deception, Intolerance Means War, Failed System, Surrounded By Serpents and Hypocrisy. With Agony, Nervosa continue to progress and make their mix of thrash, speed & death their own.

Luciferian Insectus - 2016 - Deliver Me In The Name Ov Satan (video)

Luciferian Insectus is a one man blackened death metal project.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Aphyxion - 2016 - Aftermath

Aphyxion is a five piece melodic death metal band from Denmark. Aftermath is their sophomore LP. Aphyxion play a brand of melodic death metal that also incorporates both more straightforward elements of modern metal as well as flourishes of progressive metal.

Songs like Dark Stains On Ivory lean to the melo-death side of things, Same Kind of Different leans towards the thrashy, modern end of the spectrum while Consumer Consumed cuts the difference between melodic death metal and a more mainstream, modern metal sound, accenting both with keyboards. Highlights include A Part Of The Solution, Born To Stand Strong As We Blacken The Sky, Destined To Fall and the aforementioned Dark Stains On Ivory, Same Kind Of Different and Consumer Consumed. If you're looking for some forward thinking melodic death metal Aphyxion's Aftermath will serve well.

Black Inhale - 2016 - The Die Is Not Yet Cast (video)

Black Inhale is a thrash & groove metal band from  Zillingtal, Burgenland, Austria. A Doctrine Of Vultures is their sophomore LP.

Friday, December 02, 2016

Gone Is Gone - 2016 - Dublin

Gone Is Gone constis of Troy Sanders (Mastodon) on bass/vocals, Troy Van Leeuwen (Queens Of The Stone Age) on guitar, Tony Hajjar (At The Drive-In) and guitarist/keyboardist Mike Zarin. Their debut recording Echolocation is up for pre-orders now, set to be released January 6 by Rise Records.

Thrown Into Exile - No Words

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Among The Automated - 2016 - Among The Automated

Among The Automated is an experimental metal project from Waterloo, Ontario. This is truly a one man studio experiment, Mike Rideout performed all music as well as the recording and production aspects. He has produced a confoundingly eclectic but compelling group of songs. This record defies simple categorization and easy listening but there are untold riches inside. My favourite moments are all the more straight forward death metal songs, they gallop along with solid riffs and just a hint of synth based melody around the outside. But if you have an ear for more meditative synthesizer based pieces then there is a lot here for you.

There are roughly two kinds of songs on this record, straight forward death or otherwise heavy metal (Binary Bloodline, Evil Disco, The Room, Design, H.W.A.S.A.Z.) and synth based electronic or ambient pieces (Admittance, Erratic (The Automation), Intro_z, Totality (The Automation), The Last Song He Never Wrote).

My main problem with this LP is how inconsistent is. Clearly Mike Rideout is a talented musician, he writes great songs and performs them with style. The problem comes when it's time to stitch disparate genres together. This isn't an LP that I will come back to as a whole, but more than half of this album will make its way onto various playlists. If you're looking for a record that combines death metal, electronica and ambient sounds Among The Automated will serve well.