Thursday, October 01, 2015

Ruleta Rusa - 2015 - Euro Tour 12"

Ruleta Rusa is a hardcore punk band from San Fransisco, California. Euro Tour 12" is their latest release courtesy of Trabuc Records. Ruleta Rusa play a noisy, chaotic brand of hardcore punk. This new 12" picks up where their last self-titled EP left off, taking those three tracks and adding four more slabs of hardcore punk. If you liked the last EP you will like this as it is more of the same, intense shouted vocals, fast & distorted guitars and an overwhelming atmosphere of chaos and rage. They stomp through these punk rock anthems, leaving nothing but ringing ears in their wake. Odiado has some well placed woah oh's, Antiaereas has a stutter start riff and a sweet solo and Todo Es Mierda stomps and wails right over and resistance you try and put up. If you're looking for some hardcore punk that overpowers with distortion Ruleta Rusa's Euro Tour 12" will serve well.