Saturday, January 11, 2014

Self Defense Family - 2014 - Try Me

Self Defense Family is a punk band from the United States of America. Try Me is their fourth LP, the first since changing their name from End Of A Year. Self Defense Family play a dark, brooding yet still energetic brand of post-hardcore. One piece of this album that is getting a lot of press, aside from the usual justified hype of a new Self Defense Family record is the near 40 minute two part interview with former porn star Angelique Bernstein describing her trouble filled life. While these songs are nominally post-hardcore they are more accurately described as punk based meditations on various personal issues. You could mosh to this album if you really wanted to but that would kind of be missing the point. This is intense, personal music at it's finest, it won't be for everyone but those that it touches will find an beautiful piece of art. Highlights include Mistress Appears At Funeral, Nail House Music and more.  If you like your post-hardcore willing and able to explore the reaches of itself, Self Defense Family's Try Me will serve well.