Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Conan - 2014 - Blood Eagle

Conan is a doom metal three piece from Liverpool, UK. Blood Eagle is their new LP courtesy of Napalm Records recorded in the singer's own Skyhammer Studio. Conan plays a towering, menacing, incredibly heavy and skull crushing brand of doom metal. Blood Eagle closes and opens with 9 minute orgies of doom metal riffs.

There is very little interest here in anything other than mid tempo lumbering stomp designed to slam you further and further into the ground. Foehammer has a ferocious opening but settles into a more reasonable, lumbering riff focused monster. They opened for Sleep in Norway and have a split with Bongripper so you know roughly what to expect. If you like your doom to only focus on being heavy and riding those riffs then Conan's Blood Eagle will serve well. Thanks to Elementary Revolt.