Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Commonwealth - 2015 - Bold Print

Commonwealth is a five piece emo band from Long Island, New York, USA formed in 2003. Bold Print is their third EP. Commonwealth play a hard hitting brand of emo cutting their own path.  There are two sides to this band, the emo and the hardcore, exemplified by album closer Windchill. The guitars start out twinkly and noodling before accelerating into a head banging rage. The band makes great use of their two guitars to enhance the solos and add texture to the wall of noise they produce.

All through this ep, no matter what the guitars are doing, the singer uses his intense shouting to great effect. They cite Touché Amoré as an influence and they do a good job of walking that line between hardcore punk and emo. This EP is remarkably consistent aside from one overly noodly, ambient misstep in the middle. Highlights include Windchill, Carrying Weight and Head Cold. If you’re looking for some powerful, gut wrenching emo Commonwealth’s Bold Print will serve well.