Saturday, June 21, 2014

Flowers Taped To Pens - 2014 - Flowers Taped To Pens

Flowers Taped To Pens is a four piece screamo band from San Diego, California. Flowers Taped To Pens is their 3rd EP and their fourth release overall. It was pressed on vinyl by Driftwood Records, Ozona Records, and Ronald Records. Members have also played in Avari and Meryl Streaker. Flowers Taped To Pens play a straight forward, lofi brand of screamo that shakes and shudders it's way out of the garage it was recorded in. There are gut wrenching shouts that develop into high piercing shrieks, vaguely melodic gang backing vocals, and even some spoken word while the guitars rage and occasionally twinkle a little. Here's where I would list my favourite songs but there's no point when it's literally all of them. This is an album you can leave on repeat and rise and fall with the chaotic waves of sound. If you're looking for some excellent screamo, Flowers Taped To Pens Flowers Taped To Pens will serve well. (Label Submission)