Monday, February 20, 2017

Banging On The Pentagram - 2016 - Evil Force (LP)

Evil Force is a thrash metal band from Paraguay. Banging On The Pentagram is their sophomore LP courtesy of Witches Brew, following up 2014's Ancient Spores. This is thrash & speed metal straight out of 1983, from the dual guitars spewing out high speed thrash riffs to the production style this records worships at the feet of thrash metal masters Sacrifice, Razor or more well known legends like Metallica.

Evil Force plays thrash metal for the beer swilling, leather vest wearing metal head that simply wants to bang his head and is unconcerned with production quality or progressive metal. Here is where I would normally list my favourite songs but when a record is this compelling and consistent there is no need. If you're looking for some old school metal to bang your head to Evil Force's Banging On The Pentagram will serve well.

7th Abyss - 2016 - Deaf (Music Video)

7th Abyss is a melodic death metal/metalcore band from Germany. Deaf is taken from Unvoiced, their debut LP available from Trollzorn Records.