Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Pure Disgust - 2015 - Chained

Pure Disgust is a hardcore punk band from Washington, DC. Chained is their second EP, being released by Brooklyn's Katorga Works and the UK's Quality Control. Pure Disgust features members of Abuse., Thick Skin, Vile Faith & Protester and play a hard hitting brand of oi influenced hardcore punk. The singer has an excellent, gut wrenchingly desperate shout and the guitars behind him are surprisingly clean while still kicking up a raging storm. They blast through these 6 songs in under 10 minutes leaving nothing but devastation in their wake. After being oversaturated with overblown & distorted hardcore punk it is nice to hear some that holds back just a little. Keeping the needle just barely out of the red makes for an all over more impactful sound. Here's where I would normally list my favourite songs but each and every song on this EP is as good as the next. If you're looking for some oi inspired hardcore punk Pure Disgust's Chained is a refreshing sound. Thanks to Cut & Paste for pointing this out.