Sunday, September 06, 2015

Compilation Stay Home #1: MMXIV-MMXV

Stay Home is an Italian record label that named itself after an American Football song. Not only do they put out records in the emo/screamo/hardcore/post-whatever vein they also produce shows and a festival.  Formed as an internet based label 3SX in 2011 they changed their name at some point and started producing the festival of the same name. This compilation is a collection of the bands they have worked with in the past few years, all of whom fit somewhere on the emo/screamo/hardcore/post-something range of music.  The grand majority of this compilation is excellent but as always there a few songs that fall flat, thankfully they are confined to the end of the record. It runs the gamut from straight ahead screamo & emo from Bastian & Viola, to acoustic indie rock from Girless & The Orphan to post-rock from 124C41+ & In Depth With Whales. It doesn't matter whether they're singing in Italian, English or another language I don't recognize, these bands pour their heart and soul into their music and it shows.  If you're looking for a jumping off point for a group of over 15 bands excellent bands this sampler will serve very well