Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Chamber

People are here to watch.
How can they believe
In a system that kills
without discrimination?
Don't they know I'm human too?
I too have a soul!
I too feel pain!
Simply because I have renounced
the light. Does not mean
I'm a bag of meat
that can be destroyed on a whim.
What happened to my rights?
I've paid your price
my penance in blood!
I'm not scared to die
I'm scared to die alone.
They strap me in,
they think I'll struggle.
They can not know,
I've already given up hope.
There's no life left for me
hasn't been for fifteen long years.
There's nothing left to do.
Except pray.
Pray that God will accept my broken soul.
I once knew the light
but now only Darkness touches my soul.
The gas enters my body.
The pain is like nothing
I've felt before.
Every nerve ending is on fire.
So this is how....