Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bleak Bulge - 2013 - Bleak Bulge

Bleak Bulge is an extreme band from Amsterdamn. Bleak Bulge is their debut EP. Bleak Bulge play a hard to pin down brand of extreme music that melds together hardcore punk, black metal, powerviolence and noise punk into one loud, lofi, overwhelming beast of terror. Sometimes Bleak Bulge play take no prisoners, powerviolence speed hardcore punk wrapped in multiple layers of noise and distortion with a singer who could just as easily front a depressive black metal band and then sometimes Bleak Bulge slow things down a little bit to a sludgy stomp layered under distortion and just a hint of a melodic guitar line breaking through the layers of noise. The faster bits remind me of a more distorted, black metal influenced Superjoint Ritual. Highlights include Destroy Your Body, Bleak Bulge, Bulge Rising, Media Culture Decline and Untitled (Bonus Track). If you like extreme music you will probably find something great in Bleak Bulge's Bleak Bulge. Thanks to Manic Compression.