Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Cyber Punk Anti Belief Collection Poems 5-8

Don’t Wanna Believe
Not sure I want to believe anymore
Not sure I believed in the first place
Disenchanted with this ghost mistress
She's the one
That's taken your place
In that space
There remains only one
ONLY one that can remain
In this stead of you and me

Love Me NOW
A waste of time
If you don't believe
In me now
Then it's a waste of time
To convince you to love me later
If you don't love me now
You'll never love me later

Same Kinda Threat
The same kinda threat
Said with a golden smile
Will kill you just as dead
As a the same kinda threat
Said with a gutter twist in mind
Spiral into the dark
No voices can be heard
Lost in our infinity
There's no way to be seen

Save heaven For ME
Save heaven for me
Little neutered boy
I'll be waiting
By the cherry blossom fountain
Waiting for you
To come strolling in
So high, fresh off cloud 9
Waiting for you
To come crawling back down
That voice you heard?
The last thing you saw?
That was me
Laughing at you
As we all fall down