Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Gallagher Tweets Pt. 2

The twitter account that these are pulled from has been deleted from twitter. So, where should we start? Let's start in a relatively neutral position with a tweet that is decidedly a joke that will also position us politically.

Another joke perhaps? This one is even topical if a tad misguided

 A third joke rounds out the intro and sounds like something a grandpa who missed his nap would say.

From these jokes we turn to him grappling with some social issues

and trying to "reclaim" his country while in the twitterverse

Now we get a little anti semitic and angry at the character limit of twitter. The latter of which is semi understandable

And in conclusion my favourite Gallagher tweet. Regardless of the veracity of this tweet is nicely constructed. There are random references, fairies and Frank Zappa, the meaningless political slur of communist and a nicely created persecution complex fueling the whole thing. Enjoy.