Thursday, January 09, 2014

Abject Pax - 2013 - Abject Pax

Abject Pax is a hardcore punk band from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Abject Pax is their debut EP. They play a brand of hardcore that takes some influences from the goth rock school of songwriting. The basis for these songs is hardcore but there is such an atmosphere of theatrical dread and doom that they take a left turn at some point. The music is all standard hardcore punk but flourishes like the melodic backing vocals in Mind & Body create an atmosphere where anything dark might happen.  Highly recommended and a strong contender for EP of the year. Highlights include Abject Pax, Not Morals, the aforementioned Mind & Body. If you like your hardcore with a little flourish, Abject Pax's Abject Pax will serve well.