Thursday, October 22, 2015

Stateless - 2015 - Accepting Defeat

Stateless is a four piece screamo band from Fresno, California. Accepting Defeat is their debut EP. Stateless play a desperate brand of post-hardcore, they know when to hit hard and when to back off. The singer has an excellent desperate shout which he puts to great use and the band easily transitions between harder hitting skramz and softer, twinkly moments. This EP is front loaded, running out of steam quickly. The first two tracks (Intro & Hollow Vows) are the great but the focus and is lost quickly as the EP devolves. The opening tracks are really good, strong enough to keep me coming back and interested in what else this band has to offer and where they may evolve from here. If you're looking for a new screamo/post-hardcore/skramz band to keep an eye on Stateless will serve well.