Friday, November 11, 2016

One Of Us - 2016 - Affliction

One Of Us is a four piece groove metal band from La Plata, Argentina. Affliction is their debut LP following up 2015's debut EP Symptoms. One Of Us Play a sludgy brand of groove metal that is equally at home riding a riff into the ground as they are trudging through distorted sludge. My favourite moments are all when the band hits that mid-tempo groove just right. They nail the riffs to the wall while the vocalists shout is equal parts drill sergeant and demonic possession with some clean singing for balance and contrast.

Members of One Of Us have also played in Lepanto, Demolition Project, Retummba, Feed the Dog Embodiment, Justo Fierro, Daemon, Choique, Deneimles, Los Alcoholes Galácticos, Messias Snekker, Deneimles and Ciudad en Peligro. Highlights include Blind, Seven Seconds, Don't Scream My Name and Hate My Mind. One Of Us' Affliction is a solid debut, marrying sludge and groove metal for the betterment of both.