Monday, October 17, 2016

Andy Rantzen & Jochen Gutsch - EP #1 & 2

Andy Rantzen & Jochen Gutsch are Sydney based musicians & composers. They have also been involved with or released music under names like Itch-E and Scratch-E, Cherry2000, Pelican Daughters and Hinterlandt. In this project Andy writes and performs the lyrics while Jochen provides the music. They limit each themselves with strict rules with a "a different lyrical and sonic concept" on each EP. This is music that is hard to describe, it is piano & guitar driven but that guitar only has two strings. These EP's would be equally at home among pop music, art rock or ambient music.

On EP #1 each song is two minutes long and the songs consists of synthesized squiggles, horns and various other instruments. These songs from 2015 never stay in the same place for a moment, changing moods & tones at will. Grief Is Manna For My Machines is a highlight with pounding drums & bird sounds while Watch Me Disappear jumps wildly between rough noise & a repeating chiming rhythm.

EP #2 is stripped way down from the constant shifting of EP#1. EP #2 consists only of one piano and one vocal somehow managing to be both stripped down and much more intense at the same time. There are still wild jumps but here they are from cold to warm, from life to death and back again.

If you're looking for some modern, experimental music that is somehow both ambient and the center of attention Andy Rantzen & Jochen Gutch's EP's will serve well.