Monday, September 02, 2013

Crude Drawings Of Dicks - 2013 - Führerbunker

Crude Drawings Of Dicks are a five piece screamo band from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Führerbunker is their new EP. They play a straight ahead brand of screamo that isn't afraid of pulling their punches. Crude Drawings Of Dicks cite La Dispute, Toru Okada, and Pianos Become the Teeth among others as influences. Reminds me of a more raggedy, screamo version of The Whoopass Girls. The singer has a desperate shout that he puts to good use and the band churns out quality screamo for him and the rest of the band to shout over. Highlights include Roach Killer, Eyluh, and Watching Roman Holiday Alone. If you like your screamo rough and tumble with some post-hardcore influences, Crude Drawings Of DicksFührerbunker will do well.