Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Upper Chief - 2014 - delete it all

Upper Chief is the solo project of Jack Tomascak from Purchase, New York, USA. delete it all is his fourth release under the Upper Chief name. Upper Chief plays a noisy brand of emo that borrows heavily from post-rock. The songs consist of one distorted guitar and some shouts, they start with a solid emo base and then proceed to kick out the songwriting conventions with waves of distortion. The guitar tone reminds of iwontstopwonderinguntilyoustopbreathing but drawn out and coming you at you in swells. The highlight of the album for me is Pavilion, the vocals are buried deep in the mix and the waves of guitar distortion rise and recede like the tide. On songs like Trust Break or Stay To Your Business and Rockwell there is more focus that comes from emo songwriting structure but there is always enough post-rock to stretch things out and vibrate. If you need some noisy post-rock heavy emo, Upper Chief's delete it all will serve well. Thanks to Manic Compression.