Monday, October 24, 2016

Tactus - 2016 - Bending Light

Tactus is a five piece progressive metal band from Fredericton, New Brunswick. Bending Light is their debut LP following up several EPs. Tactus combine modern technical metal & progressive metal with a djent sound. The vocals are one of several places where Tactus standouts. The two singers make use of clean singing, deep shouts and distorted growling to tie everything into one heavy, progressive package. The band was formed when the members met in music school and the technical abilities of these players is beyond doubt.

My only complaint is the albums length. At an average of six minutes per song it doesn't take much for Bending Light to overstay its welcome. That said they are going for progressive epics so some meat on the bones is more than welcome. The guitars are my favourite part of this record, they are responsible for blending aggressive, thrash, growling sections with the more progressive, melodic sections, pulling it off with aplomb. Highlights include Cardinal, Aurora, Scimitar, Feast Or Famine and Colosus  If you like your progressive metal with modern technicality and that classic djent sound Tactus' Bending Light will serve well.