Sunday, June 12, 2011

Laptop Demo

Those are the first 21 songs I have recorded on my laptop. They're all acoustic. 21 songs, 4 covers and 17 originals. The covers are Blitzkrieg Bop, I Wanna Be Sedated & 53rd & 3rd by The Ramones and Pay To Cum by the Bad Brains (who named themselves after a Ramones song)

Hope you like em.

Prawn & Tumblr

I never really got into Prawn before this. I listened to their stuff but it always too post rock for me I think. Anyway, this record isn't out yet but it's pretty awesome. There is lots of good 90's style emo and even some twinkle daddies style shouting if a lack of twinkling guitars.

Also, I have started a tumblr. It's way easier than this so I'm probably gonna stop posting here soon.
It'll be the same stuff only with more hipsters and boobs.

Warped Tour 2011 V 2.0

Every year the Warped Tour puts out a compilation of the bands that will be performing on their tour this year. The 2011 edition has 51 different artists in about 3 or 4 different genres. There is lots of pop punk/easycore, lots of metalcore and lots of post hardcore. There is as little bit of hip hop while lots of the post hardcore has electronic influences.
Needless to say there is a lot of garbage on these two discs. Bands like A Skylit Drive, I Set My Friends On Fire, Attack! Attack! and Asking Alexandria might give you an idea of the terribleness contained here.
So I've gone through and cut out the really great bands that somehow got mixed up into this terrible mess. Bands like Big D & The Kids Table, The Menzingers are good examples of the punk and I'm surprised that I actually kind of like the songs from Paramore, A Day To Remember, Hellogoodbye and Against Me!
Good stuff if you like punk and the watered down mainstream bullshit that gets labelled punk.