Sunday, December 31, 2006

Cyber Punk Anti Belief Collection Poems 1-4

Belief In The One True Power

You know you're gonna get sick
Just like our world
You know you're gonna get saved
Whether you wanna or not
You can't stop the sound
Of them creeping every closer
Time is hanging by a thread
Waiting for the fixer to stumble on by
Open me up
Clean me out
Make my gears work again
Just leave me here
Drained of all I cared about
By the one's I trusted the most

Beyond And Behind

Beyond stupendously disgusting
Beyond depending on you
Beyond needing my fix
Beyond loving anyone
Beyond needing
Beyond life itself
Beyond everything
Behind in everyway

Breaking The Stars

Breaking the stars
To figure out
Who you truly are
Bleeding from the stone
Figment of our mortality
Crying from the snow
Meaning our eventuality

Friday Night Fights

Friday Night Fights
Is the best thing at night
Saturday Wrist Slit
Gets rid of that nervous tic
Sunday Morning Hangover
Shows you're still alive
Monday Morning Blues
Make it hard to crawl out of bed
Tuesday Afternoon Blahs
Make it hard to stay awake
Wednesday Evening Cravings
Make it hard to stay away
Thursday PM Warnings
Make it easy to give up the ghost
Friday night fights
Are the best fights around