Monday, March 20, 2017

Segrëgates - 2017 - Burstön (LP)

Segrëgates is a three piece garage punk band from York, UK. Burstön is their debut LP. Segrëgates play a punked up brand of garage rock with a heavy dose of Motörhead worship. Segrëgates start with an aggressive punked up brand of garage rock and hammer out riffs that bring to mind both Motörhead and more general punk rock. The singer has a suitably melodic, gravely voice that bring's Lemmy to mind while still being suitably unique.

From the opening blast of the self-titled song to the final wailing chaos of Riding With The Driver Segrëgates do an excellent job of melding their hard rocking garage sound with the punked up metal sound Motörhead defined. Step Aside has a heavy, danceable groove while No Regrets and Turn It Loose are anthems to memories lost at the pub. Other highlights include Segrëgates, Roll N Roll, and Traitor Collaborator. With Burstön Segrëgates have crafted an hard rocking, Motörhead worshipping, danceable debut. 

John McBain - 2017 - First Earth Battalion (Music Video)

John McBain is an American guitar player who has played with Monster Magnet, Hater, The Desert Sessions, The Queens Of The Stone Age and The Wellwater Conspiracy. First Earth Battalion is from his latest solo LP of experimental psychedelia Accidental Soundtracks Vol. 1: The Alpha Particle available from Vacant Stare Records.