Friday, September 11, 2015

The Deacons - 2015 - Beat Up The World

The Deacons are a garage punk band from Kansas City, Missouri. Beat Up The World is their debut EP. The Deacons play a noisy, riff heavy brand of punked up garage rock.  I like to imagine this band all wearing leather jackets, jamming in their garage in front of a wall of overblown amps. Three out of four of these songs take a solid riff and drill it into the ground while the singer wails his heart out. The vocals are low in the mix and the whole EP is covered in distorted noise that serves to up the overdriven garage quality of it all.

At their best The Deacons play an ass kicking garage rock with a snotty attitude, at its worse they get lost inside Black Clothing a little bit. The song isn't bad it's just not as focused as the other three songs. Overall the production style is more of a hindrance than a help unless the overdriven, noisy sound is what they're going for. If you're looking from some riff focused, punked up garage rock The Deacons' Beat Up The World will serve well. Thanks to Perception Through Dissonance.