Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bonjour Machines - 2013 - Bonjour Machines

Bonjour Machines are a four piece band from Tel Aviv, Israel. They play a noodly, energetic, pop punky brand of emo. This is their debut EP and they mine a very twinkly, punk poppy vein that could quite easily head in a garage rock direction. These five songs don't overstay their welcome, they burst open with lots energy, throw themselves relentlessly around the moshpit and then make way for the next song barrelling down the pike.

These songs are messy and all over the place but that is balanced by this bands ability to take the thinnest most precarious melody and blow it up huge. I have a bit of a problem with the vocalist, he can be a bit mushmoushed and weak at times which suits the music but can take a little getting used. Sometimes the songs don't gel as well as they could which just results in some uninspired noodling. But when everything is firing on all cylinders Bonjour Machine throw together emo, punk pop, with just a hint of twinkle and indie rock guitar licks for flavour and the result is a 5 song EP that will draw you in.