Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Between Your Mind And Tongue - I Set Myself On Fire

If you like screamo this will be right up your alley. Too lazy to describe it but the similar artists on are Book Of Caverns, Lizards Have Personalities and Ravachol none of which seem out of place. Really good stuff.

Bandito - II

Bandito are a stoner metal band from Nijmegen, Holland. Think American style stoner metal. Imagine putting Kyuss, Down, the Atomic Bitchwax and the entirity of the 90's California desert stoner scene into a blender and you've got something close. The songs may be a tad deriviative at times but stoner rock isn't about reinventing the wheel its about making thick, loud, kick ass music to smoke bongs to. Great great ep, one of the best stoner metal albums of the year. Too bad its too short.

best of 2011 part 1

Born Of Osiris - The Discovery - Progressive Deathcore. This is the only time I actually like deathcore and this is done really well
Alestorm - Back Through Time - Pirate Metal from Scotland. They sing about drinking, wenches and sea battles all while playing Power Metal with just a hint of Folk Metal
Arch Enemy - Khaos Legions - Do I really need to say anything about Arch Enemy
 Neuraxis - Asylon - Canadian technical death metal - Great stuff if you like tech death
Barn Burner - Bangers II: Scum Of The Earth - Awesome Canadian stoner metal. Riffs the size of houses and heavy as hell
Motörhead -The World Is Yours - Nuff Said
Small Brown Bike - Fell & Found - They reunited. It's awesome.
Dropkick Murphys - Going Out In Style - Nuff said
Joyce Manor - Self Titled - One of the best emocore bands out there. Yes its pop punk but there are actual songs there, Leather Jacket is one of my favourite of all time
Wiccans - Skullduggery - Heavier than normal hardcore with screamo tendencies. Great stuff if you wanna smash everything around you
Bâton Rouge - Fragments D'eux Mêmes - French screamo with members of Daitro and 12xu. This LP absolutely slays
Ampere - Like Shadows - Nuff said
Caitlyn Bailey - Lizards Have Personalities - Orion Pax - viceversa Split - RIP Caitlyn Bailey, this international compilation is really really great. Still available on multiple formats
Lizards Have Personalities - Todos Caerán - Book of Caverns - ¡Silencio, Ahora, Silencio! Split. I already adore Lizards Have personalities, Todos Caerán and ¡Silencio, Ahora, Silencio!, this was my introduction to the awesome Book of Caverns. This is a truly rock solid split
Touché Amoré - Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me - Jeremy is one of my favourite songrwiters out there right now and he never fails to bring the emo into the hardcore
Algernon Cadwallader - Parrot Flies - They live in a warehouse where they record and do everything but print their own vinyl. They also play emo punk that is not not reminscent of the whole Capn Jazz Kinsella thing. They put their own spin on it and it's awesome
Samantha Fish, Cassie Taylor, Dani Wilde - Girls With Guitars - Three women, singing the blues and playing awesome guitar. What more could one ask for?
North Mississippi Allstars - Key To The Kingdom - The Allstars are named that for a reason, these brothers never dissapoint and this album is no exception. Reunited after a couple of solo projects this is just great blues.
 Gregg Allman - Low Country Blues - Still trucking after all these years Allman does a whole album of covers that come off beautifully
Tedeschi Trucks Band - Revelator - Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi are a blues power couple. Their new band has 11 people including two drummers. Learn To Love is one of the best songs I've ever heard
Get A Better Comp -  folk/cute/tween/acoustic compilation
Mogwai - Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will - nuff said
Sharks - The Joys Of Living 2008-2010 - goes from semi post rock all the way to punked up rock and roll all the while with a friendly sneer
Immortal Technique - the Martyr - nuff said
Talib Kweli - Gutter Rainbows - nuff said
Abriosis - Tattered And Bound - Canadian progressive death metal. Riffs galore and some of these songs are absolute beasts

Spectre Alone - 2011 Demo

Verme - Bad Verme - Italian punk with screamo production and aesthetics
Jowls - Cunt Punch - a two piece making a tremendous noise
We Were Skeletons & The Saddest Landscape - Split - One legend and freshly established band make a tremendous noise
We Were Skeletons & MNWA - Split - two relative young guns in screamo crank out their tunes
Featherweight - Not Waving But Drowning - RIP. Short but oh so awesome
Polina & Well Wisher - Split - Canadian east coast skramz ftw
 iwontstopwonderinguntilyoustopbreathing - motionless - when they stop being a Jerome's Dream worship band and develop their own kickass, interesting sound. Kinda. I think.
 pentimento - wrecked - melodic hardcore with a punk rock base
 Date Rape - Date Rape  Ukrainian screamo
 Dads - Brush Your Teeth ;) - two piece garage indie punk band
Adaje & Lizards Have Personalities Split - One of my favourite bands and a new favourite band
Cattle Drums - Boy Kisser Sessions + 3 - The best post-hardcore bands I've heard in a long while
Make Do And mend - Part & Parcel - Melodic Hardcore band does a couple of their songs acoustic, completely reinventing them as well as an acoustic cover of Touché Amoré's Home Away From Here.
You'll Live - Things Would Change if You Heard This - great emo from Florida. Just thinking about it makes me melencholy
Loud? - Made You - if you like three letter engagement or christie front drive you'll like this
Loud? Driveway Split - more awesome modern emo
Thunderstorms - self titled - instrumental twinkly emo from Ottawa
Prawn - You Can Just Leave It All - the first time I've liked these math rock dudes, the upped the emo
Eat The Rabbit - Vendetta - Italian synth based screamo. Think Dark Castle but different synth sounds and more chaotic
The Whoopass Girls - Self Titled - Ethan wrote an album of punk rock skate songs. Unsurprisingly, its awesome
Accu§er - Dependent Domination - German Thrash metal that will snap your neck in half

 We Break Hearts Not Hymens - Bitches On My Dick
 Design The Skyline
 Brokencyde (whether or not they release anything they deserve to be on the worse of the year list