Friday, September 09, 2016

.gif from god - 2016 - ...defragmented....reformated

.gif from god is a six piece hardcore punk band from Richmond, Virginia. Members have also played in  Caust, Cage You Call A Chest, Kaoru Nagisa and Truman. ....defragmented....reformated is their debut LP. To call .gif from god simply and only a hardcore punk band is reductive, the band finds themselves at the crossroads of post hardcore, emoviolence and grindcore all wrapped up in layers of noise and distortion with some bleeps and bloops like sprinkles on top.

As soon as a song establishes itself there is a breakdown or a transition or an explosion and the song turns on a dime from electronic bloops & bleeps to emoviolence like explosions of screams and guitars. This album will be off putting to a lot of people but for those who crave chaotic and explosive hardcore punk this album is crucial. The easiest way in is probably the songs Rats, it showcases everything .gif from god is capable of wrapped around a more standard song structure. Other highlights include Technology will kill you 111111; empty grave, shallow mind; i'm still alive but my head is full of shit; maybe none of us understand what we have lived through and self pwnage for a narcissistic nutjub.

If you find yourself in need of some noisy, chaotic, emoviolence and grindcore influenced hardcore punk .gif from god's ...defragmented,..reformatted will scratch that itch, Many thanks to Open Mind/Saturated Brain for pointing this out