Saturday, November 30, 2013

Psychic Teens - 2013 - COME

Psychic Teens is a three piece post-punk band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, America. COME is their new LP. Psychic Teens play a noisy brand of post-punk, layers of distortions and synths everywhere with an expressively droney vocalist. The singer does a talk singing thing not too far from Iggy Pop or Lou Reed. On songs like H#TE and RIP Psychic Teens conjure a electronic tinged garage punk noise storm hides it's surprises under layers of guitars. If Destruction Unit weren't focused on harshing your buzz they might sound like Psychic Teens. Highlights include LESS, COME and the aforementioned H#TE and RIP. If you like your post-punk with liberal doses of noise then Psychic Teen's COME will serve well.