Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Less Epic More Raw

Unhinged from the beginning
Amuse the unamused
Hyperactive Sun Burn
Fight To Survive
The world should be watching
Mesmerising full sound
World torn apart
Listen up
Battle comparisons
In sync for the first time
Biggest package you can
Strike a nerve
Paranoid musings
Somewhat disturbed
Always disturbing
Rock thunder
Down the mountain
Fueled by fear
Infidelity and random murders
Baroque drama
Sits out and steps in
Polished and slick
Less epic more raw
Jackhammers and chainsaws
Bloodcurdling falsetto
Progressive small doses
Headstrong tackle on
Crave unrelenting
Grandiose ambitions

(this is not technically a poem I wrote. It's a found poem using words and phrases that appeared in reviews of Muse albums.)