Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Coalspur - At Aulis

Coalspur are a three piece screamo band from Edmontom Alberta. There must be something in the water, Edmonton keeps producing these awesome bands like Book Of Caverns, Todos Caeran & Mahria. The singer in this band reminds me of a more hoarse version of the dude from The Saddest Landscape though the music is a more tappy, almost noodly kind of screamo. My only complaint is that four tracks is not enough.


Cathedraal - Voix Blanches

Cathedraal are a screamo band from Paris France which is all I needed to be interested. Really really good in some places and a little boring in others but generally quite good. Reminds of Sed Non Satiata at times. Apparently features the singer of Madame De Montespan. Free download here

Aussitôt mort - Nagykanizsa

Aussitot Mort are a four piece from Caen, France formed in early 2005. There is a good dose of post rock in the screamo which makes the songs longer. Also means that I almost never like an entire song but there are always lots of parts that I like. This album has three new songs as well as their side of their split with Heaven In Her Arms from last year. Darker than I remember them

Who Programmed This?!? S01 E22 live 10 am est

Who Programmed This?!? will be live this morning at 10 am EST playing The Reptilian, Jowls, Annabel, empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate), Joie De Vivre, innards., Mahria, Todos Caerán, Two Line Filler & Drop Forge.
Listen here for free