Thursday, October 27, 2016

Cani Dei Portici - 2016 - Due

Cani Dei Portici is a metal band from Bologna, Italy. Due is their sophomore EP following up 2013's Cave Canem EP. Cani Dei Portici play a super heavy brand of instrumental metal powered by the fury of (post)hardcore with some noise thrown in for extra grist in the mill. There is some post-rock in the mix and Cani Dei Portici does well to avoid the trap of indulgent, extended post-rock sections and keeps to the up-tempo heavy hardcore riffs.

 Instead of taking time to build up and then tear down epic vistas & soundscapes Cani Dei Portici find a groove and grind riffs out of it until there is nothing left barely leaving breathing room as the guitars explode around you. If KEN Mode abandoned traditional song structure it might come out something like this. Everyone needs some instrumental, kinda noisy, supremely heavy metal in their life whether they realize it or not.