Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pony! - 2014 - Cuantas Veces?

Pony! is a two piece emo band from Lima, Peru. Cuantas veces? is their debut LP. Pony! plays a catchy, shaggy brand of emo unafraid of bringing in some math rock, screamo or jump straight up and down pop punk for flavour and energy. The singer has an excellent shout that can have a rough edge to it while the guitars dance around a sometimes twinkly melodic post-hardcore emo sound. Here's where I would usually list my favourite songs but there's no point when an LP is this loaded with great songs.If you like your emo with some post-hardcore shouting and a little twinkle, Pony!'s Cuantas Veces? will serve well.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Käptain Krünçh Kîdz - 2014 - #BloodBrothers

Käptain Krünçh Kîdz is a two piece band from Ozark, Missouri, USA. #BloodBrothers is their debut EP.  Käptain Krünçh Kîdz play a combination of emo and surf rock,  the wiry kind of emo that feels like it could fall apart at any moment rammed straight into melodic surf rock. And the results don't always work. The guitars are plenty noodly and twinkly but when the songs don't hit and the riffs aren't memorable song structure falls into that black noodly hole. When they hit, they really hit (Night Mare, Fall's End, Bloodshot Eyes And An Existential Crisis) otherwise the songs just wander around a little bit. There is much potential here and this album to it's detriment is very much front loaded. If Käptain Krünçh Kîdz continue down this path they should develop into something interesting, right now this diamond is very much in the rough. The edges are starting to glean but there's a lot of polishing that needs to be done.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Black Hands Promotions Present: Iowacore Vol 3

Iowacore Vol 3 is a compilation of heavy music from in around Iowa, USA. With 91 songs clocking in at over five hours worth of free music ranging from deathcore to metalcore to easycore to djent to  post-hardcore and back again. If you like heavy metal or punk in pretty much any form, I guarantee you will find something of value here.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

VA - 2014 - Casa De Heusos Vol I

Casa De Heusos is a Spanish record label, this international screamo compilation is their fifth release. Bands like British Crows-An-Wra, Peruvian Lori Berenson, American Shark Bait or Rio Bravo blast through 12 songs in under a half hour, taking you on a whirlwind world wide tour of modern screamo/emotional hardcore/people screaming their lungs out over distorted electric guitars. If you're into screamo in any capacity you will find much to enjoy and bands to discover on Casa De Heusos Vol I. Thanks to The Elementary Revolt.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Air Hockey - 2014 - Air Hockey

Air Hockey is a four piece emo band from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Air Hockey is their debut LP. Air Hockey play an eclectic brand of emo that pulls in various sounds but never strays far from their roots. If you were to toss indie rock, punk pop and midwestern emo into a blender and served with a singer with a both melodic and shouty voice and you've got Air Hockey. It took a moment for the whole thing to sink in, I had the same experience with Big Ups Eighteen Hours Of Static The multitude of styles is at first off putting but then makes for a much deeper, more vibrant album. If you're looking for some energetic punked up emo, Air Hockey's Air Hockey will serve well.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Stoic Violence - 2014 - Chained

Stoic Violence is a hardcore punk band from Long Beach, California. Chained is their new 12" EP, their fourth overall release. Vinyl is being released by Deranged Records and Video Disease Records and on cassette by Overdose RecordsStoic Violence plays a straight forward, stripped down brand of hardcore, relying on a simple groove and a singer who can spit pure venom to slam their points home. At their best on tracks like No Escape, Two Faced, Choke and Cut Down/Empty Inside Stoic Violence conjures a chaotic, ugly brand of hardcore punk garnering comparisons to bands like Brainkiller, Hoax, No Class, Altered Boys, Nomos, Sucked Dry & Pukeoid. If you're looking for some no frills hardcore Stoic Violence's Chained will serve well. Thanks to Manic Compression and Cut & Paste.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Badger Squad - 2014 - Fight Back

Badger Squad is a four piece hardcore punk band from London, England. Fight Back is their debut demo. Badger Squad play an aggressive, brand of beatdown hardcore. These song specialize in finding a heavy riff and ramming it through your brain at top speed. Highlights include Fight Back and Ungrateful. If you're looking for some heavy hardcore and don't mind some lofi production, Badger Squad's Fight Back will serve well.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Odd Dates - 2014 - File Dump

Odd Dates is a two piece band from Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. File Dump is their new EP. Odd Dates play an angular, melodic, post-hardcore informed brand of math rock. These two songs set a pretty high standard, think in the area of The Reptilian and Animal Faces and you won't be far off. Wu Wei conjures an off kilter melody and rides that into the dust while This Basement is Most Definitely Haunted almost gets lost in the riffing. Easily one of the best EPs of the year. If you like your punk rock with some math and emo, Odd Date's File Dump will serve very well. Thanks to Manic Compression.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bored Straight - 2014 - Final Session

Bored Straight is a four piece hardcore punk band from Wisconsin, USA. Final Session is their
fifth EP. Bored Straight play a straight ahead brand of hardcore punk. There are no punches pulled here and nor any major surprises. This EP is filled to overflowing with raging guitars and a drill sergeant screaming at you. If you're looking for some straight ahead pissed off hardcore, Bored Straight's Final Session will serve well.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Tawny Peaks - 2014 - In Silver River

Tawny Peaks is a six piece emo band from Montclair, New Jersey. In Silver River is their second and final LP. Tawny Peaks play a melodic, brand of emo punk that brings in some indie rock for flavouring. The main singer has a solid voice that reminds me of Shotgun Jimmie or Lou Reed and the female vocals are quite a nice touch. The music is slightly twinkly but never leaves behind the indie punk rock base. Songs like Bending Time and Portrait Of Pushkin will get stuck deep in your head. The sequencing is a bit off, making the album a tad uneven but it comes together nicely in the end. If you're looking for some emo with a little bit of twinkle and a low down groove, Tawny Peaks In Silver River will serve well.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Indian - 2014 - From All Purity

Indian is a doom metal band from Chicago, Illinois, America. From All Purity is their new LP. Indian pl ay a bracing, abrasive, noisy but at times ambient brand of doom metal. Not only do these songs crawl along at a glacier place but everything seems dipped and covered in the most harsh, distorted noise. If you choose to play close attention Indian are experts at creating terrifying, noisy atmosphere that can just as easily turn towards ambient music. They are drawing comparisons to bands like Neurosis and Eyehategod in their noisy, sludgy caves. If you're looking for some abrasive doom metal, Indian's From All Purity will serve well.