Thursday, June 26, 2014

Blue Friend - 2014 - I Will Be Your Blue Friend

Blue Friend is a four piece screamo band from Tokyo, Japan. I Will Be Your Blue Friend is their debut LP. A physical release is planned with their own Life Is Perfect Records producing CD's and vinyl courtesy of Dog Knights Productions.

Cheap Girls - 2014 - Famous Graves

Cheap Girls is an indie rock trio from Lansing, Michigan. Famous Graves is their fourth LP and the first to be released by Xtra Mile Recordings. Cheap Girls play a powerpop and alt rock influenced brand of indie rock. They have a very warm, large sound for a trio, these songs are melodicaly expansive and will fill any room they're in. Think midwestern garage rock  with the unabashed energy and melodic focus of powerpop and you won't be far off. Cheap Girls has toured with bands like Against Me!, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Bomb the Music Industry!, Rick Johnson, Mikey Erg, Two Cow Garage, and The Hold Steady and released music with Rise Records, Paper & Plastick, Quote Unquote Records, No Idea Records, Art of the Underground, Suburban Home, Bermuda Mohawk and  Los Diaper. Highlights include Slow Nod, Amazing Grace, Pure Hate, Short Cut Days, Man In Question, Splintered, Thoughtless Senseless and 7-8 Years.  If you're looking for some guitar driven powerpop influenced indie rock Cheap Girls Famous Graves will serve well.