Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wet Petals - 2014 - Wet Petals

Wet Petals is a three piece screamo band from New Patlz, New York, USA. Wet Petals is their debut EP. Wet Petals play a chaotic, post-hardcore infused brand of screamo. The singer has a demonic voice that would be just as at home in a black metal band while the band behind him churns out explosive, chaotic screamo that manages to twinkle a little. There is a unpredictable, post-rock style to the songwriting that gives these songs real personality, it took a couple of listens for the album to really sink in. Highlights include Reptilian Love, Metamorphic Moon and A Soft Prenatal Landscape. If you're looking for some chaotic, explosive skramz, Wet Petals' Wet Petals will serve well.