Monday, December 31, 2012

Afterlife Kids - 2012 - Geisterhand

Afterlife Kids are a four piece hardcore/screamo band from Berlin, Germany. They play brand of screamo heavily indebted to hardcore, there is lots of moshing in this music.  The basis is hardcore punk, riff after riff pound your skull into the pavement with only a few melodic guitar lines while the screamed vocals and some of the interludes push the music towards screamo. This isn't something that I particularly like, I don't like so much hardcore and moshing in my screamo but this definitely has it's moments.

Adventures - 2012 - S/T

Adventures are an emo band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, America. The band features members of Code Orange Kids and play music that has nothing to do with that band. Adventures is signed to No Sleep Records and play a straight ahead brand of punky emo. Think Algernon Cadwallader but less noodly, rock solid punk rock with an emotional punch and an awesome female vocalist. Three of the songs are very very good, and even the one I don't like isn't bad.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Adelleda - 2012 - Let's Talk About Adelleda

Adelleda is a 5 piece punk band from Hamilton Ontario Canada. They play very melodic brand of street punk with just a hint of politics thrown into the mix. High energy, melodic punk rock is always welcome coming out of my speakers. Their first release was last years LP Herkimer Street. They followed it up this year with an EP, Let's Talk Bout Adelleda.

Adelleda have a nice variety in their music. Like on their debut LP,  instead of sticking squarely in one area of punk Let's Talk Bout Adellada moves around a little bit. There is always a ton of energy blasting you in the face but there is a shift from more straight forward punk, that is lots of melody in the singing and clear guitar solo sounds with just a hint of shouted background vocals to dirty stuff up, to closing the album out with an almost straight up hardcore track. Less diversity than on their full length debut but this EP is a solid followup.

Adaje - 2012 - Yore Veils

Adaje where a screamo 3 piece from Memphis. They were active from 2006 to late 2012. They have released splits with bands like Close To Me, Shark Bait and Lizards Have Personalities. Yore Veils is their second LP and their final release. If you like screamo this should be right up your ally. Their first LP was a little too frantic for me, the transitions between the chords and the rapid pickings felt forced to for me but this LP, Yore Veils, is quite good.

The songs on Yore Veils are all fully formed and unique, Adaje has found their niche combing solid screamo with some progressive aspects that really allow the songs to breath. My favourite tracks are An Avalanche Of Broncos; Pending; To Become Corroded, Guided By The Light (great song and song titled) as well as Harrowing Sounds From The Ravine. Purchase the album on cassette from Broken World Media

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Brightside - 2011 - Good Enough

 Brightside is an punk rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They feature ex-members of Code Orange Kids and the Edukators. They play a brand of emo that I quite enjoy. It's as close to pop punk as you can get without being incredibly poppy, while still having a base in actual punk music. The vocals are all clean and desperate and there's as real melodic sense above the anger and churn of the rhythm section. They pour an incredible amount of energy and emotion into their music which translates to pure energy. You can buy their LP Good Enough on cassette tape from Driftwood Records


∞ - Näyt Kauas

(or 8) is a four piece screamo band from  Jyväskylä, Finland. They released their second album Näyt Kauas in September 2012. They play a brand of screamo with some post rock and post metal influences. As such there aren't really any songs that I like all the way through, I like half to 3/4s of all the songs but the post metal/rock influences start to get to me. When the guitar gets focused on repeating a picking section, or everything gets drony, they start to lose me. Thankfully the balance is such that the boring post rock/metal bits are more than balanced out by the angry, punky screamo parts/

Friday, December 21, 2012

new IWontStopWonderingUntilYouStopBreathing

If you're into the modern screamo scene at all you've probably come across IWontStopWonderingUntilYoustopBreathing before. Started as a three piece and is now a one piece, it's the same guy that did Flowers In Gun Barrels and is now doing The Truth About Dreaming, both awesome projects.

He just released two new tracks for his latest album Heal. He's not reinventing the wheel here, it's the same style of screamo as he's done previously. Awesomely high pitched screamed vocals, guitars that constantly smack you in the face and a solid rhythm section bringing everything together.