Sunday, September 27, 2015

Brain Traps - 2015 - Brain Traps

Brain Traps is a garage rock band from Cologne, Germany. Brain Traps is their new LP, released by Alien Snatch! Brain Traps play a lofi, punked up brand of garage rock that also incorporates surf rock and covers it all in a layer of noise. There are handclaps galore and a plethora of woo's, woohoo's and other gang backing vocal exclamations. At their best Brain Traps play a gloriously lofi brand of trashy punk rock that comes blaring out of the garage with slacker vocals in the middle of the mix and lead guitars flying every which way. Highlights include It's Alright, Let Me Wait No Longer, Another Euro, Write A Song and It's Alright II . If you're looking for some beach party ready garage rock, put on Brain Traps LP and clap along.