Sunday, December 31, 2006

Cyber Punk Anti Belief Collection Poems 1-4

Belief In The One True Power

You know you're gonna get sick
Just like our world
You know you're gonna get saved
Whether you wanna or not
You can't stop the sound
Of them creeping every closer
Time is hanging by a thread
Waiting for the fixer to stumble on by
Open me up
Clean me out
Make my gears work again
Just leave me here
Drained of all I cared about
By the one's I trusted the most

Beyond And Behind

Beyond stupendously disgusting
Beyond depending on you
Beyond needing my fix
Beyond loving anyone
Beyond needing
Beyond life itself
Beyond everything
Behind in everyway

Breaking The Stars

Breaking the stars
To figure out
Who you truly are
Bleeding from the stone
Figment of our mortality
Crying from the snow
Meaning our eventuality

Friday Night Fights

Friday Night Fights
Is the best thing at night
Saturday Wrist Slit
Gets rid of that nervous tic
Sunday Morning Hangover
Shows you're still alive
Monday Morning Blues
Make it hard to crawl out of bed
Tuesday Afternoon Blahs
Make it hard to stay awake
Wednesday Evening Cravings
Make it hard to stay away
Thursday PM Warnings
Make it easy to give up the ghost
Friday night fights
Are the best fights around

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Lack Of Ink

Turn away from the faces
The one's that have made you holy
Turn away from the voices
The one's that serenade you in the dark
Turn away from the eyes
That seem to see right through you
Turn away from the ears
That hear your every moan
No matter how far you run
No matter how long you crawl
You can never escape
The one meant for you
There is no one
There is nothing else
There will never be
There never was meant to be
Anything else but me
Just a pen and a page
Are all that stand between me
And a white hot rage
The rage comes to destroy
To purify and clean
For in the rage comes destruction
But in destruction there is rebirth
A life worth living
Must be destroyed to be ended
The songs is neverending
On a loop continous
But even the loop
Must come to an end
Even the pen
Must run out of ink
And if the silence is all I've got
What's left to do?

Friday, December 29, 2006

Deserted Earth City

Behind every mask
Of efervesant hatred
There's a world
Waiting to take
You away forever
Away from the
Pain that you
Live every day
The pain that
You call love
The pain that
You have come
To love as
Your very own
You've never seen
The sun beeming
Down on a
Deserted earth city
Look down from
Your years spent
Staring down from
Above. You think
You're better than
The rest of
Us, simply because
You know the
Secret to eternal
Misery. But you're
Nothing but a
Loose bag of change
Withering in the
Wind. Never more.

Inspired by Psyclon Nine's Inri

Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Little Rap

Thinking at eleven o'clock at night is a bad idea. Written to the beat to Common's Chi-City.

This is just a little burden
I gotta get off my shoulders
I've kept things inside now they get to hurtin
Every time I look
Deep into your eyes
You know baby girl
We ain't capable of lies
Just give it a whirl girl
Maybe you'll win the prize
I see you hanging out
Chillin with other guys
I got no reason
To claim that your cheatin
I got no reason
To claim you as my own
But we've gotten so close
Now you push me away
You're like the perfect rose
Thorns and all
Anytime you need me
Just give me a call
But if you push me away
Then it's away I'll stay

lyrics [c] me

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Savage Antics

Nothing but vapors and smoke
Not the facts but a sense of things unraveling
The macabre and the madcap collide
Rich and jaded but credulous
Savage antics
Borrowing the term
Don't make me laugh
Explore sex
Usually adulterous sex
Redemption and reconciliation
Be good after all
Suggest it is slight
Shattered hubris
If not the personal
Achieve the sublime
Or at least the tragic
Finger pointing feminists
Nothing saves the grownups
Dress warmly for them
Original dimensions
Probably never will
Self educating types
Find the tombstones
Ostensibly turn
I did
Intercontinental sensibility
Don't live in a way that makes you feel dead

[c] me

Monday, December 25, 2006

A State Of Shock

Wow, I am truly in a state of shock right now. If you know me, or know the music I listen to, you should know by now that I'm into a little bit of Hip Hop. One of the problems I have is all the new rappers that don't bring anything new to the table, like Snap music, or the Game or Gangsta rappers in general.

I have particular disdain for the one known as the Game. I have yet to hear a good track or freestyle come out of his disrespectful mouth. He calls himself the "Doctor's Advocate", yet he does not have a single Dr. Dre beat on his whole freakin' album. In short, he sucks at everything.

Which is why I was quite shocked to hear not one, but two good verses come out of his mouth. It gets a little more understandable when you hear that it's on a Nas album. I'm assuming that Nas helped him out a little bit.

I would post the lyrics, but apparently the album is too new, because none of the sights I frequent have the lyrics up yet

All Is Said

when all is said
And done
And dead
Will you keep the broken wings
Floating down from a life lived on high
Built on empty promises
Dreams yet still intact
Stare into the sun
Stare into the earth
Watch as the world changes
Leaves you behind
You don't need it anymore
Cause all is said
And done
And dead

[c] me

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dusting Down The Stars

Dustin down the stars
Trying to find out
Just who we really are
Am I just another fool with a pen
A fool who spews his thoughts on the page
Or am I something better
Someone worth something
Someone worth saveing

[c] me thanks.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Almost broken

I always said they'd never break. I always thought that I would hide my faults well enough so that those intending to break me would never be able to do it. I've always been the one that's willing to say "fuck this" and walk away to save my sanity. But when you're faced with this bullshit every day, day after day, it starts to get to you.

I am three bullshits away from literally saying fuck you to this school. I will walk away, say fuck you to my teachers, walk away because i don't need this. I don't this needles bullshit they try and fuck me with every goddamn day. I don't fucking need this anymore.

I always said they'd never break me. I guess I lied

Sunday, December 03, 2006

What If

What where to happen
If the hero never shows up
Just ups and leaves
The leaves drifting down
Spiralling swiftly to dirty earth
Never knowing
Always leaving