Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Foxing - 2013 - The Albatross

Foxing is a five piece emo band from Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. The Albatross is their fourth release, courtesy of Count Your Lucky Stars records. They play a melodic brand of midwest emo with a dash of twinkle and math. The Albatross is back loaded, it's not until Rory that things really start coming together. The guitars can have a little twinkle but it's never overwhelming, there are gang vocals for crowd shout a longs and the singer has a voice that some detractors will inevitably call whiny. The production only serves to fuzz everything into the nostalgia haze. Highlights include Inuit, Bit By A Dead Bee Pt 1 and Den Mother,   If you like your emo slow and brooding with only a sprinkle of twinkle Foxing's The Albatross will serve well.