Friday, July 05, 2013

Neighborhood Brats - 2013 - Birth Right

Neighborhood Brats are a punk band from San Francisco, California, USA. Birth Right is their fourth release, courtesy of Deranged Records. They play a speedy, fuzzy, garage based brand of punk that is the perfect soundtrack to a night in the desert that takes some strange turns. Reminds me of a fuzzier, more garage focused version of The Demonics or a less funny, more driven version of the Lunachicks. Excellent garage punk rock.

These songs are energetic, to the point and breeze on by if you're not paying attention. Female vocals, backing gang vocals and speedy guitars make for catchy punk rock that yearns for a beach. They rock out a cover of Break Down the Walls by Youth of Today. If you need some catchy punk rock as the soundtrack for your beach party Neighborhood Brats' Birth Right will do quite nicely.