Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Nausea - 2014 - Condemmed To The System

Nausea is a four piece grindcore band from Los Angelese, California, USA. Condemmed To The System is their new LP. Members have also played in Terrorizer, Phobia, Majesty, Exhumed, Chemical Bitches,  Murder Construct and Intronaut so you know roughly what to expect. This slab of pure, uncut grindcore has both new songs like   …And We Suffer and Hate and Deception as well as previously unreleased songs like Falsely Accused and Does God Need Help?

 Nausea isn't reinveinting the wheel by any means but if there is one thing they know how to do well, is play unrelentingly heavy political grindcore. The political messages embodied in song titles like Condemn Big Business and Corporation Pull-In are about as subtle as Oscar Garcia's vocals are cryptically growled. If you like grindcore, Nausea's Condemmed To The System will serve well.