Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dragon Boy Suede - 2013 - Douche Minutiae

Dragon Boy Suede is a rapper from Los Angeles California. Dragon Boy Suede is the rap name of Howard Kremer who is also a comedian, songwriter and podcast host. Douche Minutia is Dragon Boy Suede's third LP and Kremer's fourth LP overall. Previous Dragon Boy Suede songs have tackled the curative properties of DBS' wang (I Heal With My Steel), refusing to be gouged for flights home on holidays (I'm Not Paying $500 to Watch Douchebags Eat Turkey) and how you will respect him more when you realize he can summon wildlife. (You Won't Sass Me Like That When I Can Summon Wolves)

 Dragon Boy Suede is the kind of rap that there needs to be more off, not afraid to do entire songs about what tea one has in the morning (Chai Tea Morning) while also bragging he's so good at banging that your legs will be wobbling like a Newborn Baby Colt. Dragon Boy Suede is a rapper impossible to hate, how can you hate on a man who is "eating Shrimp Scampi while amputees fan me"? This while album is back to back bangers. If you're not afraid of some punchlines with your rhymes then Dragon Boy Suede will be right up your alley.