Thursday, June 12, 2014

Flehs Born - Cara Neir - 2014 - Split EP

Flesh Born is an four piece black metal band from Denton, Texas, USA. This split with Cara Neir is their second release. Flesh Born play a a raw brand of of black metal that spins itself into tight little corners and then explodes out wildly from there. The singer has a high pitched shriek that fits in nicely with the lofi chaos the instruments are making. If you're looking for some chaotic black metal with some grind and a coating of crust, Flesh Born's side of their split with Cara Neir will serve well.

Cara Neir is a black metal two piece from Dallas, Texas, USA. This split with Flesh Born is their third EP, their eight record overall. Cara Neir play an experimental brand of black metal bringing in elements of screamo, d-beat, hardcore and neocrust. These songs are unrelenting, bringing the blast beats but still allowing some melody to slip through. If you're looking for some intense black metal that isn't afraid of branching out, Cara Neir's side of their split with Flesh Born will serve well.