Thursday, January 16, 2014

Truman - 2014 - Truman EP

Truman is a four piece screamo band from Richmond, Virginia, USA. Truman is their debut EP. Truman play a straight ahead brand of screamo that aims itself carefully and then explodes at full speed. Multiple vocalists scream their lungs out while the distorted guitars rage, providing a basis on which to expand. There is perhaps an overrelliance on sound clips, every single track on here has audio from somewhere else and really only A Declaration puts the clips to good use.

Splitlip comes raring out of the gate and never lets up while Lolo Ferrari gives the riffs a little bit of breathing room before everything explodes. Euler's Circuit has a bit of a hardcore stomp to it, A Declaration is an excellent revolutionary sound collage set to a tight riff and closing track Lamplighter brings things back around with more traditional screamo that opened the ep. If you can put up with some lofi demo production, Truman's Truman is solid ep by a band to watch.