Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Redefiners - 2014 - Chapter 2: Creating Luck

The Redefiners are a hip hop duo from Chicago consisting of ATM and Mentality. Chapter 2: Creating Luck is their new mixtape. Both ATM and Mentality have fast flows and they can trade verses back and forth with no problems, each has their own unique style but their voices are also similar enough for the album to feel cohesive. Production by Relta, Derrick Thomas, Arturizzy, Gin Jacket, NB, 6ix, CmR, Da Vinci, Omito, All Stars, Da and Soul and guest verses from SwizZz, Cam Meeskins, Taylor Bennet and KiDD The Chicagoan.

They cite artists like De La Soul. Tribe Called Quest, Big Pun & Kendrick Lamar. Stylisticily and production wise this album doesn't stray very far from a flow focused, almost gangster hard type beat but The Redefiners tend to stay away from the gun play seeming to prefer a more conscious, positive vibe. Highlights include Blue Dream, Absurd, Mind In The Clouds, The Heavenly Three Ft. Cam Meekins, Candy Shoppa, Lingo Ft. KiDD The Chicagoan, October's Diary, Take Flight and Spit Flow. If you like hip hop or rap, The Redefiners' Chapter 2: Creating Luck will serve well.