Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Agonie - 2017 - Culte Funèbre (LP)

Agonie is a two piece black metal band from Quebec, Canada. Culte Funèbre is their debut LP following up 2016's debut EP Dèliverance. Culte Funèbre opens with Noirceur D'Hiver which plays by the black metal rules and lays out the template for what is to come. Lots of blasting drums, slashing guitars and guttural cookie monster demon vocals. The second track Austère brings in the other main element of this LP, the clean guitar lines.

Most of the power of this album comes from the contrast and interplay between the more traditional dark, aggressive black metal atmosphere and the melodic, sorrowful clean guitar lines. The production can be an issue here, the drums feel a little thin & tinny, they don't hit as hard as they can but that's a relatively minor problem. On Culte Funèbre Agonie have crafted a debut LP that walks the line between raw aggression and meditative despair 

Latexx Teens - 2016 - The End (Lyric Video)

Latexx Teens is a five piece industrial hard rock band from Italy. The End is from their third LP Be Wrong.