Saturday, January 04, 2014

Black Veins - 2013 - The Cycle Will Cease To End

Black Veins is a three piece hardcore punk band from Birmingham, England. The Cycle Will Cease To End is their debut ep. Black Veins play a brand of hardcore that has feet in both sludge and powerviolence. The EP starts with the monstrous sludge stomp of To Break Their Control, followed immediately by the title track, hardcore played at powerviolence speed and the rest of the EP follows suit. Stone Sun incorporates a tad of melody and a the best vocals on the album for a perfect middle piece, while Collapse has barking vocals and a nearly ceaseless driving energy that Black Veins can destroy and rebuild out of sludge. If you like your hardcore alternately sludgy and speedy, Black Vein's The Cycle Will Cease To End will serve well.