Saturday, June 07, 2014

Things Fall Apart​ - ​Tall Ships Set Sail -​ ​Infro​ - Shizune - Four Way Split

Things Fall Apart is an screamo band from Columbus, Ohio, USA. This four way split is their ninth EP. These two songs are a little noodly but also bring in some post-hardcore in their use of dynamics.
Tall Ships Set Sail is a four piece  screamo band from Woonsocket, Rhode Island. This four way split is their 3rd EP. Tall Ships Set Sail play a lofi brand of screamo that feels like it might fall apart at any moment. They shake and desperately scream their way through these two songs without coming apart completely.

Infro is a screamo band from Japan. This four way split is their fourth EP and their fifth release overall. Infro play a straight forward brand of screamo, the guitars are distorted but never forgetting some melody while still come straight at you and the singer has a forceful, versatile shout.
Shizune is a five piece screamo band from Lonigo, Vicenza, Italy. This four way split is their fourth EP. An Appointment With Richard Harrison divides it's time between exploding  and screaming and the other half softly whispering and disintegrating while March Blizzard In Rostov n Donu starts twinkly with some buried shouts before building up and destroying itself.