Friday, August 28, 2015

Sleep Routine - 2015 - Sleep Routine

Sleep Routine is a five piece punk rock band from Germany. Sleep Routine is their debut EP. Sleep Routine play a hard hitting brand of emo, The dual guitar attack makes the sound much bigger and more impactful, conjures a fully realized sound that has feet in emo, punk & melodic hardcore. If Make Do And Mend were an emo band and not focused on melodic hardcore it might come out like this. The singer has an excellent shout, emotive and coarse as needed. Generally with an debut EP like this there is only one or two songs that I really like and keep coming back to, this is a record that I can just put on repeat and leave for a long while. Thanks to Miss The Stars for pointing this out. If you're looking for some music that throws hardcore, emo and punk into a melodic, driving debut that leaves you wanting more, Sleep Routine's Sleep Routine will serve well.