Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Dot Dash - 2015 - Earthquakes & Tidal Waves

Doth Dash is a poppy punk band from Washington, DC. Earthquakes & Tidal Waves is their fourth LP, all released by The Beautiful Music. Dot Dash members have also played in Julie Ocean, The Saturday People, Tree Fort Angst, Minor Threat, Government Issue, Modest Proposal, Weatherhead, Swervedriver, Strange Boutique & Youth Brigade. Doth Dash play a melodic brand of punk bringing in new wave and power pop for energy and shine. There is no fat on any of these songs, they are precise and the hooks & riffs will drill into your brain and take up residence there.

 Instrumentally the band is forceful without losing sight of their melodic capabilities while the singer drifts along and through with his witty lyrics. All the musical touchstones of this band are rooted in the past, new wave and power pop are firmly the sounds of the past but this band is determined to carve their own space and sound decidedly modern.  Songs like Semaphore, Tatters & Transparent Disguise are big, bold, catchy songs that demand to be played again and again. while Thru The Dark and Transparent Disguise are the same but wrap them in a layer of distortion that only serves to amplify the melody. If you're looking for some driving, catchy power pop punk Dot Dash's Earthquakes & Tidal Waves will serve well.