Sunday, May 12, 2013

Second To Last - Starters - Changing Tides

Second To Last is a pop punk band from Lodi, California. Changing Tides is their sophomore release. They are pop punk but the songs on this album are not afraid of getting their hands dirty. They cite Jawbreaker, Jimmy Eat World and Hot Water Music as influences. Radiation and Drugs are the best songs on this whole album, catchy with enough melancholy grit to make things interesting, after that the acousticness starts and I tune out.

Starters are a four piece pop punk band from Dublin, Ireland. Changing Tides is their sophomore EP. Their brand of pop punk is focused on a less melodic, more urgent street punk end of the spectrum. They cite Title Fight, Balance & Composure as influences, I would throw in comparisons to a less political, more melodic Class War Kids. There are still melodic guitars and vocals reaching for something beyond us all and they aren't afraid to simply let things float away into the ether. Second To Last is aiming down a more melodic path while Starters seems more interested in keeping everything moving forward at breakneck speed.